80 Teddy Ruxpins with robot voices tell you how the Internet feels


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  1. Martin John Callanan says:


  2. Ethan Holman says:

    God, sometimes I get so sick of hearing about TED talks.

  3. Bashtarle says:

    I think that is hands down the single creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life. 

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    There’s not enough vodka and Vicodin in the world to make that go away.

  5. Mister44 says:

    If you weren’t having nightmares like this before… well… you’re welcome!

  6. this reminds me of the “Wall of Furbies”    It was at the bitforms gallery in NYC in 2002, the artist was Kelly Heaton.

    i believe this is an earlier version of that work: http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~kelly/Furby/MIT_RL_10_01/MIT_RL_10_01.htm

  7. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Using a Teddy Ruskstin, or whatever its called, with its pre-conceived notions of psychotic tendancies, does devalues sentiments of art regardless of how securely fixed under CCTV surveilllance

  8. crummett says:

    I saw this here in Portland. It’s even creepier in person.

  9. Ethan Taliesin Houser says:

    I find this weak.  Now, if the bears all started vomiting red Karo syrup at once while talking, that would be profound.  (no it wouldn’t, but it would be “weird” and that, I think, is the extent of this “art” installation))

  10. timquinn says:

    The first time I went on “Its a small world” I wanted to scream and tear out my eyes. I wondered what everyone else was so happy about. This reminds me of that moment.

  11. jimh says:

    LOL at the REO Speedwagon lyric “I can’t fight this feeling…”

  12. itsgene says:

    This reminds me of Ben Rubin’s “Listening Post” – with fur.

  13. Boundegar says:

    Yknow what would be fun?  Feed 4chan to Teddy Ruxpin!

  14. gws says:

    I wish they would all talk at the same time, THAT would be something.

  15. nixiebunny says:

    I want it to speak all that fine Nigerian scam spam I keep getting. 

  16. acidrain69 says:

    Version 2: 2 of them talk at the same time, and a score is assigned to the negativity or positivity of the message based on certain key words. A battle of sorts ensues. The winner (determined by the larger absolute value of their negative or positive) does ….. (fill in the blank)

  17. petsounds says:

    Their linked site has more technical details about the build:

    “The bears which invoke the presence of the anonymous online poster are 1980s style Teddy Ruxpin dolls that have been significantly modified for the installation. Each bear’s original circuitry has been removed and replaced with a controller board designed specifically for the installation (figure 1). These custom boards allow the centralized control computer to animate each bears eyes and mouths for lip-syncing with a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal which replaces the bears original cassette tape based tone modulation control scheme.”

    It sounded to me from the video that the synthesized voices were actually coming from a centralized speaker system and not from each Ruxpin, probably from the same computer that drives their animations. According to the article, the tweets are gathered via a data stream from the wefeelfine.org site.

    The technical build intrigues me more than what the piece says. I feel like their statement falls a bit flat and contrived, but I appreciate the technical work that went into it.

  18. taghag says:

    a friend of mine did something similar with a punch and judy setup streaming comments from an anonymous forum in the netherlands renowned for its low-class comments:

  19. ThreeOranges says:

    I didn’t realize that the Internet had feelings other than hate. 

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