Hitler cat snack


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  1. Rob Kelsall says:

    why do people assume that cats that *look* like hitler are instantly Evil… 

  2. peter doolan says:

    given the snack’s Thai origin, it is actually not at all unlikely that the Hitler appearance is intentional.

    see: http://www.cnngo.com/bangkok/life/hitler-chic-trend-138530

  3. bumblebeeeeeee says:

    don’t be silly, it’s just a lucky cat.

  4. awjt says:

    Hitler Cat is watching you masticate.

  5. Jaron Hendrix says:

    Maneki Neko, member of the National Socialist Party, recently gave a public statement explaining his involvement in the disappearance of thousands of jars of gefilte fish…

  6. Gary Gibson says:

    You get this kind of thing a lot in Asia where, quite frankly, a lot of people have no idea who Hitler is. I lived in Taiwan for a couple of years, and the matter isn’t helped by the swastika having an entirely different meaning in the Buddhist culture there. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this news article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/outrage-over-taiwans-nazi-theme-restaurant-727310.html

  7. alphasnail says:

    Sig HAI?

  8. Pag says:

     I wonder if this could be added to one of the best website ever (if only for the domain name): http://catsthatlooklikehitler.com/

  9. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Hey Kids! Get your Kitler Kreme Kakes here!

  10. slashdottir says:

    I saw only the headline and was so afraid  it was going to be snacks for cats who look like Hitler…     

  11. นุ่มจริง means “truly soft”, that’s the only legible text. Hitler cat would be something like  แมวฮิตเลอร์

  12. Kimmo says:

    I’m kinda blown away by  http://catsthatlooklikehitler.com/

    Not to mention the whole ‘Nazis are cool’ thing in bits of Asia.

    Hitler and the Nazis certainly seem have the most successful brand I can think of (atrocities aside)… they had the whole bit – badass attitude, uniform, gear, and they would’ve damn well pwnt if it wasn’t for the too much crazy.

    And boy, did they make their mark in people’s imaginations; they’re the go-to epitome of a bad guy.

  13. Ipo says:

      But are they kosher? 

  14. Tim Nyberg says:

    You know… some of your posts just aren’t worth anybody’s time…
    but, hey, don’t stop!

  15. penguinchris says:

    I think I have actually eaten these, but with different animals on it. They’re pretty good. I was in Thailand for about 5 months total and would buy snacks and drinks and stuff all the time. They’re not all good, but most are – and far above the equivalent stuff you find in the US. Mainly though they’re cheap (that’s 10 baht, about 30-40 cents US) and ubiquitous (there’s a ridiculous number of 7-11 shops). I attempted to try as many different snacks as I could find (the ones that looked reasonably good anyway).

  16. Someone else called Mart says:

    Since this post from the outset was a near violation of Godwin’s Law, what would happen if someone mentioned Godwin’s Law?

  17. IndexMe says:

    It does look pretty evil, but that said it is more likely the result of a really awful illustrator. The only reason one arm is raised is due to holding a fish. The reason it seems to have a moustache is that the triangular nose touches the lips but is expanded due to the process of burning the stamp into fluffy dough. So yes, evil-looking design but no, it is not intentional. Praise due to the meme catching socially conscientious OP.

    That said, I guess I should address a problem in Japan since this post is about a badly interpreted/executed Japanese meme on a meme (welcome customer cat and stamped buns).

    There are even now ugly reminders of people’s ignorance and lack of shame in Japan, combined with a need to find something new and startling to sell books. There are periodically books catering to the fascination about Hitler and even a manga called Hitler’s son. The Israeli Embassy has over the years periodically had to fight these kind of things.

    There is one excellent manga called Auction House which actually in one arc features a near-death Hitler and his daughter as the extremely calculating, advanced psycopathic assassins (there are a lot of assassins in this series). It is the only such appearance that has not made me gag actually it was cool. The rest of course is sheer dreck. Personally I can’t even barely stand to hear or type the name of that absolutely evil dead historical figure. Maybe this is the first time.

    So it is good to be vigilant and educated, but in this case it is I expect more of an uncanny valley type phenomenon, too close to Hitler or perhaps TCTH for short.

  18. Bryan says:

    This is Heilo Kitty. Have you seen Chairman Meow? Heilo Kitty is part of a series.

  19. teapot says:

    I’m just gonna leave this here for you all to ponder:

    OMG DOUBLE HITLER CAT! Does this kitty deserve double internet-cultural-misconception outrage?

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