Love Letters to Hitler

A cult of private fealty to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler grew in the years before World War II, reflecting public fawning by the Reich's city fathers. These love letters – some from prominent Americans – now read as a warning.

The only known recording of Hitler's normal speaking voice

In 1942, Hitler paid a secret visit to Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland and Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces in honor of Mannerheim's 75th birthday. Read the rest

Only recording of Hitler's normal voice

In movies and television, Hitler's speaking voice is usually depicted as a dialed-back version of his public speaking performances: even in private he's either shrieking or muttering. The reality, captured only once in a secret recording made in Finland, is unnerving. It's deep and commanding, yet with the same maniacal rhythms. You almost forget that he's admitting, in 1942, that he underestimated Soviet productive capability and would have ignored anyone who told him. Read the rest

Coloring book features Hitler

A coloring book featuring Hitler among landscapes and other historical personages was removed this week from sale in the Netherlands. The book "was produced in India and it is remains unclear why Hitler was included," reports the BBC.

The Dutch retailer was only alerted after the book had gone on sale and shocked parents began posting comments on social media. One parent posted an image of the page with the caption: "Nice, your colouring book!" Another customer called it a "disgrace" on the company's Facebook page.

Enjoy with a nice pint of Hitler Ice Cream. Read the rest

Is Trump on crappy prescription stimulants, like Hitler?

Gawker's Ashley Feinberg reports on rumors that Donald Trump, presumptive Republican candidate for U.S. President, is on "cheap speed."

...according to a source with knowledge of Trump’s current prescriptions, that letter isn’t telling the whole story. Most notably: Donald Trump is allegedly still taking speed-like diet pills.

Rumors of Trump’s predilection for stimulants first started really popping up in 1992, when Spy magazine wrote, “Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump has acted so erratically at times, full of manic energy, paranoid, garrulous? Well, he was a patient of Dr. [Joseph] Greenberg’s from 1982 to 1985.” At the time, Dr. Greenberg was notorious for allegedly doling out prescription stimulants to anyone who could pay.

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How "German mistrust" of the public turned Mein Kampf into a bestseller again

Mein Kampf was about to enter the public domain in Germany, removing the country's preferred copyright-based method for keeping it away from readers' hearts and minds. There's no chance of them just letting it be available (as is done in the UK, US and Israel), but they didn't want to ban it outright, martyring Hitler afresh. Instead they favored what the BBC describes as "a heavily paternalistic approach": publishing a nigh-unreadable "critical edition" in the hopes that it would be too cumbersome to be popular. This not only failed, but ensured a constant stream of discussion and drama to keep it on the bestseller list.

[The publishers'] director, Andreas Wirsching, declared that it would be irresponsible to hand over Mein Kampf "free of copyright and commentary", because in that case everybody could do whatever they wanted with Hitler's book. ...

If anything public interest in the book was fanned unnecessarily by keeping the aura of the forbidden alive. By mid-April, Mein Kampf had managed to move to the pole position of Germany's influential Spiegel bestseller list, where it remained for several weeks. Even now it stands in 14th place, though many bookshops do not have the book on display and others only order the book on request.

This renewed calls to stop being so controlling and just let Hitler's long, boring rant die in the public domain. Read the rest

Melania Trump assures voters that husband Donald isn't Hitler

The wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would like to assure voters that he is not Hitler. Politico's Nick Gass reports on Melania Trump's campaign intervention.

“We know the truth. He’s not Hitler. He wants to help America. He wants to unite people," the prospective first lady said in an interview with DuJour magazine published Tuesday, when asked about comedian Louis C.K.'s lengthy letter to fans in March in which he proclaimed that the Manhattan reality-star-turned-politician "is Hitler."

At the same time, Trump added that it is possible her husband "needs to say it in a softer way," noting that with respect to his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, it's only "temporary."

The statement follows Heidi Cruz's insistence that husband Ted was not the infamous Zodiac killer, whose late-1960s reign of terror coincided approximately with his birth, in a region he has never inhabited. Read the rest

Hitler had a micropenis and a deformed urethra

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler legendarily had only one testicle. But he also had a "tiny deformed penis," according to researchers who claim to have uncovered the truth in medical records. Read the rest

Eva Braun's underwear reportedly alive and well in Ohio

Monogrammed underwear supposedly belonging to Eva Braun can be yours. Read the rest

Hitler's bookbinder

Michael Shaughnessy reports the untold story of Frieda Thiersch—and the mysteries of her life, her motives and her books

Hitler Rap

It all began down in Munichtown.

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Hitler kettle sells out

JC Penney's Hitler kettle has sold out online. Josh Sanburn at Time: "You’ll have to visit JC Penney stores in person to buy the tea kettle that resembles former German Chancellor and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler." Read the rest

Tea kettle or… Hitler!

Separated at birth: the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Kettle and Hitler? (The handle is apparently his hair. The spout is a sieg heil salute.) Redditors are having a field day with this. More at The Atlantic. (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!) Read the rest

Inflatable tanks tricked Hitler

Megan Garber on how the Allies "saved thousands of lives by embracing the artistry of war." [The Atlantic] Read the rest

Hitler cat snack

Prompted by yesterday's "marketing vs. reality" Nutrisystem moment, Simon Jenkins sent in this photo, whereby opening a snack reveals its cuddly corporate mascot to be none other than the evil Hitler Cat. [View full size at Flickr] Read the rest

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak, with Tim Tripp, Time Traveller, and MORE!

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Hitler learns of the new changes to Star Wars on Blu-ray

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