Reagan on a Velociraptor

"Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor," by *SharpWriter on DeviantArt. You can buy prints of this image, and other awesomely weird works by SharpWriter, at his Etsy store.

FDR Transformer, Teddy Roosevelt Vs. Bigfoot, Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly, John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter on a Unicorn, George Washington Zombie Hunter—hoo-wee, there's a lot to love. (thanks, Dingus!)


        1. I think the velociraptor was something like 1’6″ or so at the hip.  Maybe their legs were longer than I’ve got them pictured.

          1. Thinking about it, you’re probably right (or Tiny Reagan could be even slightly larger). 18″ at the hip (maybe a bit less, since it doesn’t seem like either of the legs are really extended), and Reagan himself was pretty tall (6’1″)

  1. I, and Ronald’s memory are offended by the idea that he would carry a Warsaw Pact RPG into velociraptor battle.

    1. As Xeni said, it’s a weird image. You haven’t imagined it was because of the ‘raptor, have you?

  2. I love the American Flag saddle blanket.

    Don’t desecrate the flag!  Now go and eat your sloppy-joes off of “patriotic” plates and wipe your mouth with a “patriotic” napkin.

    1. Forty-odd years ago, a shirt with a stars and stripes pattern could get you arrested in much of the US. Now it would be considered patriotic.

      1. The American patriot-kitsch industry is aesthetically repulsive and a disgusting example of substituting noisy jingoism for actual thought; but even the crassest possible flag-bedecked consumer products are infinitely more in line with America’s core of genuinely decent ideas than are legal prohibitions of the same…

    1. The incredible eating the indelible would be the title then and it would still be tasteless.

      I only hope Reagan shovels coal with his hands in hell.

  3. Yeah, but the no-socks thing… I dunno about some of the American fashion ideas…

  4. The saddle flag is of the alternating 6 and 5 star rows current model.

    The flag being flown is not.

    The one held by the raptor appears to have eleven stripes and five rows of seven stars. It could be missing the top portion, but it would still have way too much space between the stars to be a 48 star variety.

    Respect the flag, hippies.

    1. Jackass explanation:

      The flags represent the nation.
      The flag elevated by Reagan’s raptor is not identical to the flag upon which Reagan himself sits.
      The ideal national identity championed is not a modern national identity but an out of date one.

      In all likelihood the flag held by the raptor is meant to be a 48 star flag (though I’m an ass and note that there is too much spacing for this to be the case) so Reagan rests upon a modern progressive state, a fifty star flag, but champions one from a time when only whites had a serious political voice, a forty-eight star flag.

      This is, of course, not fair as the anachronism need not be a racial bias.

    2. Hrmm, let me think, what could it be saying?

      Abe Lincoln rides a bad-ass grizzly, while killing vampires.
      George Washington slays zombies.
      FDR is a transforming-robot-hero dedicated to bringing YOU “Social Justice”.
      JFK still wanders the moon on his robot-unicorn keeping humanity safe from teh aliens.
      Teddy Roosevelt, in addition to being an awesome president is so manly that he can take on Bigfoot.  (which makes him even more Chuck Norris than Chuck Norris is)
      St. Ronnie rides extinct, and fictional, dinosaurs into battle. (while wielding a Soviet RPG, WTF?)

      What could it be saying . . .. ..?

      -abs is pretty sure it’s “Team America, Fuck Yeah!”, though perhaps with a tongue firmly placed in-cheek, (alternately it might be saying “US Presidents in a post-Kennedy world are so bad that they don’t even use American weaponry)

    1. Little known fact, the best vampire-slaying Lincoln did was accomplished from the back of his pet grizzly bear.

      -abs realizes that didn’t make it into the book, or now the movie, but that doesn’t make it untrue

  5. Nobody noticed the F-22 ‘Raptor’ in the upper right corner?  Or Indiana Jones’ hat flying off from nowhere in particular either?

    Despite the complete lack of direction or cohesiveness (seriously, who needs that when there is so much awesome packed into the frame), those little details tell me that a) this takes place anywhere from a few years ago to a decade or so on b) Reagan, having been ‘dead’ for some time now is either a vampire or a zombie and c) some nazi-like jerks somewhere off camera are either chasing him or following him. But what I’m left wondering is, where the hell is Hellboy? I mean isn’t it his job to hunt down evil, sick nasty things, which would include normal Reagan and definitely zombie/vampire Reagan.

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