Richard Kadrey and John Shirley at SF in SF this Saturday


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  1. gt bear says:

    Above this post  is an ad that says “comprehensive STD tests $90.” But when you click on the ad and go to the site, the comprehensive tests are $240,and all you get for $90 is a single, non-comprehensive test. These ads have shown up on all the blogs this week. I consider it false advertising. If boingboing is in charge of its own ads, I’d appreciate this being looked into. – arbitrary aardvark

  2. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    Oh Man, I loved the last SandMan Slim novel. Cannot wait for this one ! 

    side note:(When I worked at a dvd wholesaler in Waterloo, Richard Kadrey ordered some cool discs years ago) Man’s got great taste in cinema !

  3. Halloween_Jack says:

    Good to hear that Sandman Slim is continuing. I was both looking forward to Aloha From Hell coming out in paperback and dreading it being the last in the series. Now that I’m getting an e-reader sized tablet, I may get it on Kindle instead.

  4. Kymba Khan says:

    Oh man, the roller derby starts at 7 in the East Bay.. and my house already bought tickets.

  5. innocentbystander says:

    gt bear, those ads are based on your browsing history- Boing Boing has nothing to do with them. You will probably notice those ads in most of the sites you browse until you clear your cookies. Good luck with the STD.

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