Jackhammer Jill, the animated GIF automata

Ernie made us a Jackhammer Jill automata from pinewood and paint: "She bounces up and down like the animated GIF." Ernie wins the whole goddamned Internet.

Jackhammer Jill.wmv (Thanks, Ernie!)


  1. It’s good that it’s hand cranked, because if it had an electric motor on it I’d be unable to resist the urge to dump as much power into as I could in attempt to bounce her to pieces.

  2. I see a whole new line of vibrators in the making: The Jackhammer Jill Bobble-Head vibe.

    1.  It appears that in the realm of modern automata (as opposed to “cellular automata” or other uses), the accepted term-of-art is “automata” for singular, presumably to distinguish hand-cranked, mechanism-over-a-box automata from other forms. IOW, “automata” is a coinage to describe a specific kind of automaton. This is definitely the usage internally in the community of automata makers.

      1. I’m not buying it.  I’ve definitely heard people referring to them in the singular as “an automaton”.  My internal grammar nazi sends everyone except two guys out of the room, blows up at them, and then weeps.

      1. automata IS the feminine form: automato fell out of usage due to its fruit/vegetable associations.

  3. It’s a jackhammer? D: What with the title “boing boing”, I always assumed it was a pogo stick… My world is changed forever o_o

  4. Thanks for the nice comments folks.  I enjoyed making it and watching it bounce around.  8^)

    Ernie Reynolds

  5. I love it but I’d like to suggest a small improvement – make the ponytails hinged so that they bounce like in the GIF (the bouncing boobs might pose a bigger challenge).

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