Man punks journalists


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  1. TWX says:

    ’cause I’m going to believe a book written about master manipulation by that manipulator.


    And this whole story will fall apart and shatter into A Million Little Pieces…

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Thankfully we don’t, y’know, have an entire industry of ‘PR’ operatives(more numerous than journalists at this point) for which this is a job rather than a stunt. 

    That might seriously impact the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the media, which would be bad. Good thing that this is just an isolated incident of internet pranksterism.

  3. dragonfrog says:

    Bets on whether this thread turns into a sockpuppet arts festival, as did?

  4. nemomen says:

    Man punks boingboing into flogging his book.

  5. auralee says:

    This is what the media gets for publishing “he said/she said” w/o verifying underlying facts or calling the speakers to account when they’re wrong.  But that would be the sort of prank Stewart and Colbert indulge in.

  6. dethbird says:

    Man bites Journalist

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