Report: hackers targeting Iranian nuclear facilities "AC/DC-rolled" workstations after attack

Mikko H. Hypponen of F-Secure publishes an email he claims is from a scientist with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (or AEOI), which details a new "cyber attack" wave against Iranian nuclear systems.

Snip: "There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out. I believe it was playing 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC."

Mikko can't validate the email or the tale therein, and neither can we, but if it's true? Heh.

* The 'shoop above is mine, not the hackers'.


  1. If its true, I expect to see RIAA looking into this as diligently as they pursue everyone else…

    1. This is just the beginning. As I write this, hackers are are seeding cartoons lampooning Charles Carreon on those same workstations. 

  2. In my imagination, even a handful of computers simultaneously playing Thunderstruck at max volume over shitty computer speakers, and almost certainly without any synchronization, is a horrifying cacophony to behold.  

    1.  Notice the unit designation in the bottom-right corner? It’s a fan video created by someone associated with that unit

  3. Why do they *need* to be connected to the internet?

    Isolate systems?  If needed remote work, restricted gateway?  no?

    1. Most of the Iranians I’ve worked/studied with suggest that while the regime is intolerant it isn’t anywhere near as repressive as the media in the west make out (at least not about music and dress).
      And AC/DC are 40 years old, so it might be an old diehard (ok, thunderstruck was 90’s)

    2. It’s just possible a greybeard Iranian scientist may remember Bon Scott-era AC/DC from before the 1979 revolution.


    3. From what I understand lots of media is smuggled through neighbors like Armenia (there’s a great scene in Persepolis about going to the market and getting illegal tapes). Also the regime was late playing catch up on net censorship, and still doesn’t do that great a job of it. 

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