Tetris lights


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  1. RKTR ♫soundcloud.com/rktr says:

    Hey check it out its deadmau5′s new projection mapped setup.  LOL

  2. Max Allan says:

    7x4x1″ box weighing less than 8oz. Yes, it will suck. 6foot version : will rock.

  3. Rider says:

    “Warning Choking Hazard”  buy it now before some dumb kid eats it and they pull it off the market.

  4. Shay Guy says:

    One of those times it’s a shame you can’t make a 7×4 rectangle with them.

  5. Jorpho says:

    I have just ordered this [...] I bet it sucks …

    My head hurts.

  6. EarthtoGeoff says:


  7. Grey Eyed Man of Destiny says:

    This seems a little wasteful

  8. The Dark Roux says:

    I would love to see a followup on this.  I’d like to know if the item is any good, and if anyone goes ahead with a project to make a better one, I’d *love* a guide.  As a beginning maker who’s about to buy a house with a dedicated gaming room, this is something I want to jump into right away.

  9. mobuco says:

    As a legit tetris master, I have seen that these were coming out a few months ago and I must get them!

    *Also, I think the small size is nice, although a large set as Rob said he may build would be cool if you have the space.

  10. I ordered a set when these first became available. It took six weeks to arrive, and when I opened the box, there was only one light in it. I complained bitterly to Amazon, and another light arrived two weeks later.  And another week later, a third light arrived. It took two-and-a-half months for the full set to arrive, but then Amazon screwed up and continued to send me lights, one at a time. Between UPS, USPS, and FDL, I’m still getting these damned Tetris lights I didn’t order, and the display has almost reached my ceiling. Emails and phone calls go unanswered. Oh, shit, there’s another delivery guy at the door . . . .

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