Tetris lights

I have just ordered this seven-piece reconfigurable Tetris light set, which automatically turns on when all the pieces are stacked together. I bet it sucks; if it does, I'm going to go right ahead and make my own 6ft tall version out of plexiglass squares and LED lamps.

Tetris Constructable Light [Amazon]

UPDATE: Amazon is sold out, but if you're in the EU, Firebox has them in stock!


  1. “Warning Choking Hazard”  buy it now before some dumb kid eats it and they pull it off the market.

  2. I would love to see a followup on this.  I’d like to know if the item is any good, and if anyone goes ahead with a project to make a better one, I’d *love* a guide.  As a beginning maker who’s about to buy a house with a dedicated gaming room, this is something I want to jump into right away.

        1. A double post such as this… you couldn’t even make it to the edit button… I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so eager to have their hand forced.

  3. As a legit tetris master, I have seen that these were coming out a few months ago and I must get them!

    *Also, I think the small size is nice, although a large set as Rob said he may build would be cool if you have the space.

  4. I ordered a set when these first became available. It took six weeks to arrive, and when I opened the box, there was only one light in it. I complained bitterly to Amazon, and another light arrived two weeks later.  And another week later, a third light arrived. It took two-and-a-half months for the full set to arrive, but then Amazon screwed up and continued to send me lights, one at a time. Between UPS, USPS, and FDL, I’m still getting these damned Tetris lights I didn’t order, and the display has almost reached my ceiling. Emails and phone calls go unanswered. Oh, shit, there’s another delivery guy at the door . . . .

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