Gentleman argues with neighbor about fence (video)

[Video Link] "Ya know what? How ya doin, motherfucker?"

(via Joe Sabia)


  1. That’s just really, really sad. 

    It looks to me like the old bull is yelling mostly because he’s not a young bull any more.

    1. It looks to me like the old bull is yelling mostly because he’s not a young bull any more.

      It looks to me like he’s yelling because he’s the product of an intellectually impoverished authoritarian culture. He’s angry about a bunch of pointlessly harmful distractions his overlords have fostered to divert scrutiny from their nefarious business and drown out what remains in arguments over just how indecent public standards should be.

      1. The video reinforces the adage “Good fences make good neighbors, inadequate fences encourage addled hostile conversation and legal disputes”

    1. No way, it goes great with the collection of rusting cars and water heaters in the yard.

  2. how did boing boing find a video of my crazy uncle?? Just dart him some paxil and he’ll go back to sleep for a while. Wait that’s not my uncle that crazy has his shirt AND pants on… 

    1. Once you pick a place, walk down the street with a clipboard and do a voter registration drive. Great way to meet your prospective neighbors and see if they’re bugfuck crazy.

      1. nice idea until you finally move in next door and they realise that you’re probably nuts for faking a voter registration

        1. No one’s saying you have to do a fake drive. Most places I think you could just contact your local elections office to get forms to do it for real.

          Anyway, there’s no need for pretense. Just go visit the neighbors, tell them you’re thinking of buying the house next door and ask them how they like the neighborhood. You’ll find the crazies soon enough.

      2. No need to do a “voter registration”. Going to the neighbor’s house and explaining that you are thinking about moving next door can reveal amazing things. It helped save us by revealing that a house with a few new additions was actually put in to cover up some major issues. Turns out the previous people were hoarders, the house was a drug den and that it  required haz-mat to come in and clean the house. The inspection only revealed a few things, but what the neighbors shared saved us a future life of misery.

        1.  Sounds like that house just needed some prostitution and some fire damage to be the worst house ever.

      1.  Oh, I assure you that too darn neat is a different measure of crazy, be wary of both extremes.

  3. Is it that my English is not good enough, or is it that the non-gentleman’s accent or diction are to understand for non-trained ears?

      1. I think there might be a missing ‘hard’ there, ‘hard to inderstand’, and you have a sentence.

      2. Well, you could just insert “too hard to” to make it a sentence. Or you could just be a dick to strangers. Guido, they have thick accents, but he’s slurring too.

        1. No, my mistake, I thought you were being nasty about the people in the video.  I apologise for misunderstanding your intentions.

          1. Well, I honestly started watching, but I could not understand a single word. My English is OK for understanding “Standard English” accent, and Southern accents if they are not too thcik. But when I am exposed to some British accents, Indian, Scottish or East Texas, among many others, my ears just shut down.  So, I wanted to gauge my understanding and see if others also had some trouble understanding. There was a bit of sarcasm, yes, but that was not the main point of the comment.

      1.  Zing!  But now we know your secret identity, Nathan… or should I say… Captain Obvious…?  ;-)

  4. A feud with a neighbor should be avoided at all costs. My neighbor decided years ago that a section of the wall in front of my house belongs to him. We’ve just ignored his claims and now he’s moving away – problem solved. Well, if his house ever sells, that is.
    Also “I ‘m out here cleaning up my yard.” – lol.

    1. You most likely mean WWE not the WWF =World Wildlife Foundation.

      Agreed he is most likely a rabid wrasslin fan. Silly old drunk.

      1. It used to be WWF – World Wrestling Federation (1982-2001), they changed it to WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment.

        1. Yeah – when the World Wildlife Foundation dragged their silly, spandex-clad asses to court and took it away from them!  Oh yeah! 

  5. I’m thinking they could take him to court for making threats.  He very clearly threatens rape and says he is going to “get” them. 

    I had a crazy neighbor across the street for awhile who came over and screamed at me for parking in “his” parking spot on the street.  He said it was his because he was disabled.  When I said I was sorry if I’d inconvenienced him, but asked him how I could have possibly known he was disabled, since we’d never met beforer, he spit on my storm door.  LOL.  At that point I began speaking redneck so he would understand me better  and told him to get off my property or I was letting my dogs out, calling the cops, and getting my shotgun.   He left.  He never came across the street to my house again.  Sometimes it pays to be bilingual. 

    1. “I was letting my dogs out, calling the cops, and getting my shotgun.”

      Sounds like an idea for a country song.

  6. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed the courage little seen in this day and age.

  7. I have finally learned the code and realized I will probably be happier if I don’t click on Boing Boing posts with the word “gentleman” in them.

    1. Yeah, I saw this tape elsewhere and knew *immediately* what this was gonna be from the title.

  8. lmfao this guy is awesome.  Although i wouldnt like to live next door to him, i would love to hang out with this crazy mother fucker.  He is so angry its lovable.  Make sure to send him a christmas card haha just to see what he does.  Btw holy fucking shit look how close he lvives to the train tracks- hes got a fucking freight litterally parked outside his bedroom window.

      this guy sounds and looks suspiciously like the old dude who beat up the black guy on the bus.  Somebody call an ambulampse

      1. Dude, I totally forgot about Amber Lamps.  I think the 4Chan community gave that name to the purple-stocking’d female who calmly sat through the whole thing.

  9. Seeing this video makes me uncomfortable. It seems like a very private matter between two parties that have no bearing on the rest of us. This feels like laughing at the freaks in a sideshow.
    Not concern trolling, watching the video just makes me a bit ill and I’m not sure I gained anything in my life by watching it.

    1. You’ve gained some knowledge of a culture you perhaps knew little of prior to watching the video.  You’ve now also exposed yourself to a dialect of American English that perhaps you hadn’t experienced before. 

      If you squint hard enough and tilt your head, there’s a silver lining in every turd.  ;P

    2. I see your point.  But there’s also some educational value to this.  I’ve been in a few confrontations vaguely reminiscent of this, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to resolve them more civilly. 

      This only provided a little help in that regard, but at least I know it’s not just me.

    1. Probably something along the line of “people are assholes”, I’m guessing?

      Edit: More precisely, because “oh look that guy is such an asshole aren’t you glad he’s so very different from us, ha ha.”

    2. Okay, sensitive people, please take heed of the earlier post that says “I’ve learned I’ll be happier if I don’t look at BoingBoing posts with the word ‘gentleman’ inthe title,” or words to that effect. For the rest of us, H.L. Mencken, questioned on a related topic: “Why do people go to zoos?”

      1. I take it back. Just watched the video of the bearded guy and the black guy on the bus (and especially the comments). My turn to feel ill.

  10. Now I see why so many Southern states try to prevent the teaching of evolution — there’s no evidence for it there.

    1.  Rednecks know no boundaries.  The poster doesn’t claim his real city.  Don’t project your bullshit on me and my people.

      1. I grew up in the South, so my disdain is based on sad observation. But you’re right, stupidity has no geographical restrictions.

  11. Am I getting this right? Angry man is 50 years old, and the woman on the phone is his daughter that also appears to be 50? THAT IS SOME CRAZY STUFF.

    1.  I believe it’s traditional in some parts of the country to have a daughter who can also be your wife.

    2. I wondered that too, but I didn’t hear anything establishing that Not-So-Epic Beard Man was her dad. She might have pointed toward him or the house, so maybe her father is an older gentleman with the good sense not to scream and threaten his neighbors. Angry dude could be her brother, lover, pal. Or he was lying about being 50. Hasn’t aged well if he is.

      1. Nah, at one point she says something about “her father’s property.”  Now, it may not be him, but the implication is there.

        And here in Central Cali, I can vouch for that young lady being an excellent example of a methed-out 35 or so years old.

  12. This man is in reality a meat puppet forced without his knowledge to be strung around this earth performing inane acts to the evil delight of bored aliens who control him on occasion when they need a laugh.  They excised the part of his brain that would control his own self-awareness just so they can keep this sick joke of a man going for as long as they’d like to play with him and his incredibly weak mind.

    We could go in and rescue him from the matrix, but he’s probably too far gone to be saved at this point.  The weight of reality would crush him and he’d just turn to babbling in the corner until death.  Anyway, it might be amusing to see what he looks like when the aliens turn up his bigotry to eleven and remotely control his feeble brain to make him flail and flap his arms around like a headless, bigoted, chic-fil-a chicken.

    1. assuming the owner has been sitting on this for six months  (the trees were bare),  could be anywhere, but the woman was doing some product placement for Polo Sport with her sweater and the one guy was in shorts… hard to tell.

      the accents were vaguely rural/midwestern, and i mean VAGUELY.  like the man said, Authentic Frontier Gibberish.

    2. He should send it to Andrew Sullivan’s “View From Your Window” contest so the internet can try to guess the location.

      He sounds more redneck than southern to me, so Hamilton, Ohio would be my guess on the accent.

    1. It’s their two minutes and forty-three seconds of fame. Naturally, they want to make the most of it.

    2. I really don’t think the guy cared he was on video. Or maybe he doesn’t know what video is. I’m impressed he was able to walk, make hand motions, and talk all at the same time.

    3. Anyone who talks and dresses like this in public has no shame. Why should he care about being taped?

  13. This is a fine example of “white trash”.  I was pretty much expecting his shirt to either have an American flag on it, something anti-Obama, or the Confederate flag.

    While I’m Republican…these are not my peoples.

    1. You know what? I hate that expression.

      a) people aren’t trash
      b) the emphasis on *white* makes it implicit that, to the originators of the phrase, non-whites are trash by default and whites are not.

        1. –but like @scavph:disqus  pointed out, it’s because of the implication.

          it’s the slur that keeps on giving.

  14. I can see why they decided it would be best for him not to speak at this years Republican convention.

  15. To be honest, none of us know what started the argument. Obviously the man holding the camera could have done something very wrong and we don’t know it. What I mean is, with out knowledge of why the old guy was mad we have no reason really to belittle him. Perhaps his dog had strayed over into the guy filming the event’s yard and was shot by the same man. Think I’d be a bit mad about that too and perhaps I’d string up a hastily made fence to stop future issues. Not saying that’s what happend but it could have been anything really. Without context we have no idea and obviously the person recording the event has eaither edited out or missed recording anything that could have given us a better understanding of what all the fuss is about.

    1. From what I can gather, the videographer’s dog had jumped the fence into shouty man’s yard. Shouty man and his daughter decided to erect/fix said fence to prevent the dog from coming over. The videographer protested since it was his fence and he should decide how to fix it. Shouty man, needing little to no excuse, started shouting.

      1. This isn’t what I’m getting at all from the banjo-speaking folks.
        From what I understand of banjo-speak, the 50-year-old woman, who is apparently the daughter of the 50-year-old man, who looks as though he’s actually 65, repeatedly references the neighbors’ “dopeheads” jumping over the fence at night.
        It seems to me that the alabaster refuse neighbors are accusing the Arabs of dealing drugs. Unlike the accusations of child molestation, etc, I took this charge to be one that the neighbors actually believe, though, chances are the Arabs just have some friends who occasionally come over to party and perhaps don’t constrain themselves to their yard when leaving, for whatever reasons.

        That said…

        You know how bad I want you?
        I wanna fuck you in the ass.

        Sheer poetry.

        1. Ok, so he’s the Iron Sheik, not the Macho Man.  Got it.  I was confused, until the ass-fucking comments.

  16. I can haz context? Why is angry man wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt? I thought this might go in a totally different direction when he said, “I like you too.”

  17. Jeez…put down the dang camera and fix your ratty old fence.  Nobody should let a dog out in a yard as poorly protected as that.

      1. When the daughter tries to help fix the fence, the Camerafolks explicitly say “It’s ours. We’ll fix it – we don’t need you to fix it.”

    1.  Yeah, fences aren’t hard.  If I had a nicely kept up house, and the shouting man doesn’t, I could imagine getting angry with my neighbors nailed up, unsupported, barely-uncoiled length of cyclone fencing.  Angry enough to threaten to rape them.

    2. Yeah, if you actually listen to the Angryfolks, it sounds like the root of the problem isn’t the fence but the fact that the Camerafolks’ dog keeps going into the Angryfolks’ yard and the fence isn’t sufficient to contain him.

      Two sides to every story.  And every fence.

  18. I started to write about how the screaming bully is a perfect argument both for and against gun control, but erased it after realizing that I’d have two groups emulating the video at me…

    Instead I’ll point at the rather normal looking guy or two walking around in the background – shouldn’t they have been stepping in to  control the shouting man?  They come and go from his house, they obviously have a relationship.  Or shouldn’t they at least be watching the guy have his fit?  That they aren’t standing there in slack-jawed horror would seem to indicate that these outbursts happen all the time.

    1. I just assumed they were family.  If you seen a relative have one outburst like this, you’ve probably seen it a hundred times.  Besides I wouldn’t want to be seen as part of this spectacle.  If he has any adult children living with him (other than his 50 year old daughter..?), perhaps they will have a little more language skills and tact, and come apologize to the neighbors at a later time.

  19. I like to watch the video from this, with the audio from the previous post.  “Look, Justice, he’s coming over to talk to you. …  Oh no.  oh no.  oh no!”

  20. Wow, if I’d realized that the Olympic fencing teams from the US and “Arabia”  were having such a heated battle, I would’ve watched it live!

  21. Some context would have been good. Maybe the people filming were naked Djinn that were selling drugs while mid-coitus with their own mothers (and some children) at the same time they were filming. I think seeing something like would prompt a similar reaction from any decent person.

  22. If the fence did indeed come about as a result of camera guy’s dog running into the neighbor’s yard, I’d help the bearded guy build the fence and then patch things up over a couple cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. The only thing worse than having hillbillies as neighbors is having angry hillbillies as neighbors.

    The look and feel of the scenery tells me that this is probably in Ohio.

  23. White Trash Guy may be a member of Congress by this time next year the way things are going.

      1. Yep – a reconfiguration of part of your grey matter, reflecting your poor choice… doctors recommend moderation.

        I wiser head like mine chose to escape after 10-15 seconds.

  24. When I watch this video, I can’t stop thinking about how deluxe it would be to have all that yard and ugly fence between me and people like this — instead of sharing floors, ceilings, walls and public entryways with them.

  25. As amusingly ridiculous as the old man’s response is, the videographer is apparently also a first class douche bag.  At one point in the video the woman who is clearly trying to improve the ‘fence’ mentions the ‘dopeheads’ coming over the fence and the Arabian with the camera responds that he can’t control everything they (presumable his friends and guests) do.  Yes, Arabian man, you can.  They are guests of you it is your responsibility if they trespass onto your neighbors property from your property.  That’s your problem to deal with.  The Drunken foulmouthed neighbor is the least of your problems if your friends are staging criminal trespass from your property and you don’t care to do anything about it. 

    Also, filming one’s neighbor so that you can ridicule him on the internet is generally a dick move, but it is surely a dick move given the circumstances apparent here.

    1. I’ll need to wholly disagree with the part about recording him for internet ridicule.
      This is the sort of shit that, for ages, we’ve relied on oral relaying and retelling of the stories, which can be awesome, but is no substitute for actually witnessing a bona fide white trash outburst.
      Finally, others are able to be there and see firsthand what this is like. I love telling these stories, but it’s nice to have video footage, as well.

    2. I agree. Putting up videos of people who lost out in the “born into privilege” lottery for others to laugh at doesn’t strike me as being particularly wonderful.

      1. Ima Godwin the thread: Adolf Hitler wasn’t lucky enough to turn out some other way, too.

        Pointing and laughing has a valuable function beyond entertainment; it reinforces norms.

        1. Nazism was the “norm” in Germany, and it had much in common with overlooking the hardship of others.  Empathy, on the other hand, is rarely associated with the worst excesses of humanity.

    3. Sorry.  You’re wrong.  This whole video exists because shouty guy decided to give a infantile performance.  If he’d gone about his business, and was just walking on his property there wouldn’t be a video.

      And, after viewing their behavior, you really believe their claims about “dopeheads”?  From the guy who says Guess what? I’m American!  He’s the reliable side?

      1. Watch it again, listen to the dialog.  The woman, who is upset but not at all belligerent, makes the claim and the arabian essentially acknowledges it. 
        Sure the shouty guy seems a fool, who said he wasn’t?  If he didn’t have a valid complaint it might have been entertaining.  but he’s essentially the victim here.  If the cameraman’s friends hadn’t been trespassing  would this have occurred?  Hard to say.  But the old man has a valid complaint, and the camerman’s response is to ridicule him (no doubt anticipating the results he got) while filming the results?  Total douche.

        1. For some reason, you’re taking the word of alcohol-laden,  crotch-grabbing yosemite sam. And the “douche” is the cameraman.  ok …

  26. “I think there’s something I need to make clear about my fenced-in area. You see.. everybody in Gilbert County’s got a damn fenced-in area that’s cluttered with crap and brown weeds invading them like a cancer!

    Well, see, I’m better than that. I’m gonna make my fenced-in area an area that’s neat and special, with a special purpose. And then all the nayayers will have to say, “Dammit! He really did something with his fenced-in area, and now I feel inspired to clean up my own fenced-in area!” And others will see my fenced-in area, and inspiration will go on and on and on, from person to person, just like that!

    I want my fenced-in area to be an inspiration. And.. if y’all an’t understand that.. then I was born in the wrong world.” -Travis

    1. Thank you for posting that. Don’t know how I missed it, but it may be even funnier in transcript form.

  27. Am I the only one who sees things like this and thinks that, just maybe, the next ice age brought on by global warming can’t possibly come soon enough…?

  28. One of the serious things no one has mentioned yet is that the camera in this situation is a tool for defense.  It well mght be that the angry man would be a violent man if he wasn’t being recorded.  Or he might just be angrier because of the videoing…

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