Stross and Doctorow on the road: the Rapture of the Nerds tour in Lexington, Brooklyn, Brookline, Rochester

Charlie Stross and I are hitting the road this September 5-9 for a mini, post-Burning Man, post-WorldCon book-tour for our collaborative comic novel of the Singularity called Rapture of the Nerds. We're coming to Lexington, KY; Brooklyn, NY (a stop at MakerBot's BotCave, where there will be a very special surprise!), Brookline, MA, and Rochester, NY. I've never been to Lexington or Brookline, so this is doubly exciting to me!

And tonight, of course, I'm appearing (solo) at a Long Now talk in San Francisco.

Announcing the Tour for Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross’s The Rapture of the Nerds


  1. In my home town, at my favorite bookstore, after sundown on a Friday. I guess two out of three ain’t bad. :-) I’ll have to stop by on Sunday and hope there’s still some signed stock left for sale.

    (Incidentally, if you and/or Charles feel like an old-fashioned Shabbat dinner, let me know. We do a  good brisket…)

  2. Brookline is only its own town through some bizarre historical quirk.  It is closer to downtown Boston than many parts of Boston are.  For example, I leave Boston and travel through Brookline on the T every day to get to work — in Boston. 

    Anyway, thanks for coming to Brookline.  I can’t believe I get to see Doctorow and Stross without making the slightest change to my daily routine.

  3. Lexington is a really great town. Unfortunately I moved to the UK, and won’t be back in Kentucky until september 15. What a bummer I will miss you, have always wanted to say hi in person

  4. Naturally this will be only a couple of weeks after I leave Western New York again. Be sure to tune in to 89.7 FM (RIT’s radio station) – on Saturdays some dude does a reggae show all day. 

  5. Confused; is a $500 registration fee required to attend the Rochester appearance? Or can one simply attend your talk for free without registering for the rest of the weekend?

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