Stross and Doctorow on the road: the Rapture of the Nerds tour in Lexington, Brooklyn, Brookline, Rochester


7 Responses to “Stross and Doctorow on the road: the Rapture of the Nerds tour in Lexington, Brooklyn, Brookline, Rochester”

  1. Ari B. says:

    In my home town, at my favorite bookstore, after sundown on a Friday. I guess two out of three ain’t bad. :-) I’ll have to stop by on Sunday and hope there’s still some signed stock left for sale.

    (Incidentally, if you and/or Charles feel like an old-fashioned Shabbat dinner, let me know. We do a  good brisket…)

  2. wysinwyg says:

    Brookline is only its own town through some bizarre historical quirk.  It is closer to downtown Boston than many parts of Boston are.  For example, I leave Boston and travel through Brookline on the T every day to get to work — in Boston. 

    Anyway, thanks for coming to Brookline.  I can’t believe I get to see Doctorow and Stross without making the slightest change to my daily routine.

  3. Alex Brooks says:

    Lexington is a really great town. Unfortunately I moved to the UK, and won’t be back in Kentucky until september 15. What a bummer I will miss you, have always wanted to say hi in person

  4. Hans Sagaye says:

    Sounds good. But why am I wondering which one of you is going to be the “Dean Moriarty” of this adventure? ^__^

  5. penguinchris says:

    Naturally this will be only a couple of weeks after I leave Western New York again. Be sure to tune in to 89.7 FM (RIT’s radio station) – on Saturdays some dude does a reggae show all day. 

  6. Nicky G says:

    Radical, Makerbot is a few blocks from my BK apartment! :)

  7. PolishQ says:

    Confused; is a $500 registration fee required to attend the Rochester appearance? Or can one simply attend your talk for free without registering for the rest of the weekend?

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