Boyett's Mortality Bridge, now in paperback


5 Responses to “Boyett's Mortality Bridge, now in paperback”

  1. Andrew Singleton says:

    Well. There goes what little unclaimed money I’ve got.

  2. Bersl says:

    This is my “everytime he’s mentioned” reminder that you broke some of our hearts, Steve.

  3. Steve Taylor says:

    That sounds worth chasing down – I’d like to read it.

    But “surpassing Niven and Pournelle’s classic Inferno” – has there ever been fainter praise?

  4. Jon Ptolemy says:

    I am bankrupting myself buying books that Cory recommends. Yet I have never read one of Cory’s books.

    • Gerald Mander says:

       Cory’s books are worth bankrupting yourself for, too. Luckily he also  makes them available for free. :) What I did with Cory was to download one of his free books, and because I enjoyed it I bought the next one. Eventually I bought most of them anyhow. Or if you liked a free one you read, you can buy a copy for a friend and pay it forward.

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