Chavela Vargas, 1919-2012


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  1. Las amarguras vuelven a ser amargas, ya no las canta Chavela Vargas

  2. jan angevine says:

    I had read that she had a Carnegie Hall concert in ’02 (I think that was the year) and found the CD of it a few years ago. The Carnegie crowd really goes wild for her, especially when she sings “Volver.” They talk to her, sing with her. They know all her songs. Even at 82 her tired  voice was indomitable. She was definitely a rarity.   Rest in Peace.

  3. mongo bigmuff says:

    ” a predominantly masculine music genre…” is a completely false statement. Lucha Reyes, Amalia Mendoza, Lola Beltran and even Spanish born Rocio Durcal have been GREAT female ranchera singers, Chavela Vargas, while good, was not, by far, the best  (or the craziest).

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