Most epic slow-speed police chase ever (video)


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  1. Dylan Fogle says:

    Its amazing how much more dangerous police make situations…

    • It occurs to me that if they had simply monitored where he was going and waited for him to run out of gas there would have been minimal injuries and little destruction, but you know, that would just not be nearly as fun…

    • Henry Pootel says:

      Not to mention someone driving a flaming truck dumping lumber on the road and almost hitting a school bus.  He had little to do with the situation I’m sure. Idiot cops!

      • eldritch says:

        Did you miss the part where the police shot out the rear tires, causing the fire to begin with? Or the part where the lumber, which was only on fire because of police action, fell off the truck because the driver was attempting to flee from, and slow the pursuit of, the police who, may I remind you, were SHOOTING at him?

        Guns escalate situations. The moment a gun enters an equation, everyone is put into more danger. People take bigger risks when bullets start flying. People make bigger mistakes.

        How might the situation have ended differently if the police cars gave up direct pursuit and one of the helicopters followed the truck instead? Why not set up a roadblock ahead of the suspect? Why not use heavy vehicles to box the truck in and force it to a stop? Or if you’re going to bring deadly force into the equation, why use handguns to shoot out tires when you could use an anti-material rifle to shoot out the engine? Clearly shooting out the tires didn’t do anything to help end the chase, and in fact made matters worse. But shooting out the engine would have ended it immediately.

        • BarBarSeven says:

          Apparently the police are always wrong & make all situations worse.  Who knew!

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Some places don’t allow police chases because they tend to encourage the chasee to go 120 mph on city streets while mowing down pedestrians.

        • Adam says:

           I don’t know if I should take your comment seriously or not.  Anti-Material Rifle eh? I don’t know what kind of world you live in, but not using deadly force in that situation would have been foolish by the cops.  He was the biggest vehicle on the road making it impossible for “heavy” vehicles to box him in.  Setting up a road block would result in him either running over the blockage causing more damage, or simply turning around as you saw him do several times.  It seems you’re stating that the police were the cause of the damage that took place, which of course, isn’t true.  It’s because of their action the pursuit was even brought to a hold! 

        • Michael Hoss says:

          The problem with that (following the truck, setting up roadblocks farther down the interstate, forcing him to stop) is, who knows what the truck driver is thinking, for all they know he might be wildly drunk and decide to ram his truck into a school building. or a nearby gas station causing an explosion and more fatalities. Granted it wasn’t the prettiest take down, but had the truck driver not been in complete disobedience to the law, none of the events would have taken place. In which I’m sure you would continue to tell everyone just how stupid the police are because they didn’t do this or that. I think we demonize the people that help us out entirely too much, but here’s the thing, no one can see into the future, and no one makes perfect calls 100 percent of the time. In reality who knows how much worse it could have really been.

  2. karl_jones says:

    It’s weird how something like this would be terrifying and tragic if you were there or someone you loved was affected, but it’s the stuff of lulz in YouTube form now.

    Not so weird — crowds have enjoyed the sight of their neighbor’s house burning since, well, the Renaissance that I know of … and as for a sack full of cats set ablaze for amusement, that shit goes on to this day.

    Not you and me, of course, but somebody takes pleasure in disaster.

  3. Garnett Schuyler says:

    Sounds like they hired Troy McLure’s inept cousin to do the narration.

  4. petertrepan says:

    Not the point, I know, but that was an impressive U-turn.

  5. Dan Huby says:

    I think this is an episode of:’s_Wildest_Police_Videos

  6. To add to the drama, Fox always added a fake omniscient narrator pretending to be in the helicopter, adding details he couldn’t possibly know. It didn’t matter where the chase was taking place – L.A., Chicago, New Orleans – it always had the same guy in the helicopter.

  7. David Aubke says:

    Pretty sure the “news narrater” is just part of the show – i.e. fake.

  8. EH says:

    If this guy was a banker, he’d be out of custody by that evening with a $50 ticket.

  9. swankgd says:

    Every bit of audio (narrator, helicopter reporter, sirens, tire squeal, “burning sound”).  All 100% added by the World’s Wildest production.  That show could have been good, but the complete fakery ruins it every time.

    • kobrakai says:

       You mean you can’t really hear the flames from 700 feet up in a helicopter? Shocked, I am.

    • hymenopterid says:

      But imagine how good it would have been if the narrator had to make all the sound effects with his mouth,  like that guy on “Prairie Home Companion”.

      —He slams into the guardrail. screee-SMASH! But the cops are right on his tail. WEEE-OOH-WEEE-OOOH. His stolen pickup is no match for their crown vic interceptors. VROOOM WAAAHHHnnnguh.–

    • Neill "Dire" Mitchell says:

      Whenever they have UK chase footage they always over-dub a quaint “Nee-Ner” siren I haven’t heard since the ’70.

  10. Magnus Redin says:

    What was wrong with the truck driver?

  11. ZikZak says:

    And there goes the Challenger, being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheels. The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver, the last American hero, the electric centaur, the, the demi-god, the super driver of the golden west! Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind the beautiful lone driver. The police numbers are gettin’ closer, closer, closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile, yeah baby! They about to strike. They gonna get him. Smash him. Rape… the last beautiful free soul on this planet.

  12. just another typical day in Liberty City.

  13. planettom says:

    That’s John Bunnell doing the after-the-fact narration on WORLD’S WILDEST POLICE VIDEOS.

    Note the FAMILY GUY spoofs, which got John Bunnell to do the narration:

  14. LeftyX says:

    …and there’s hamburger all over the highway in Mystic, Connecticut.

  15. nixiebunny says:

    I was really worried when I heard him talking about the school bus and the car that was almost run into, but neither of them appeared to be harmed at all. you’d think, from the announcer’s voice, that each had suffered multiple fatalities.

  16. Christopher Smith says:

     I was surprised that both the OP, and a lot of the commentators, were not familiar with this show. It came on the heels of “COPS” and was freaking everywhere in the 90′s. I hear that narrated voice in my head anytime I see a chase on TV. If this show is news to you, you have hours of stunned, horrific joy/shame ahead of you.

  17. huskerdont says:

    It was right about this time I gave up on network TV (except the Simpsons, of course). Ah, memories.

  18. fredh says:

    This is just begging to be turned into a 70′s truck driving song incorporating all the details. Somebody with more musical talent than me get on it.

  19. travtastic says:

    John Bunnell’s apparent fetish for punishing and shooting people is creepy.

  20. Palomino says:

    I wonder if the jostled child survived his injuries. 

  21.  What I always disliked about this clip is that they imply that sparks set the wood on fire. There’s a little forklift attached to the back of the trailer. The fire is the burning fuel and oil from the forklift. The wood dies ignite and burn a little, but quickly goes out once the forklift fire goes out. It’s very hard to get tightly packed lumber to burn.

  22. JhmL says:

    I wonder how much prison time he got.

  23. Andreas Beer says:

    best high five ever!

  24. serpent says:

    Rubberduck returns?
    Btw, you can watch the whole movie on Youtube. The fight scene in the bar is hillarious!

  25. IndexMe says:

    The driver probably was having a psychotic episode / was on drugs / having a mental breakdown. Was there no way to stop without shooting him personally?

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