Mars Curiosity/LFMAO parody video: "We're NASA and We Know It"

[Video Link]. This parody music video debuted this week on a new YouTube channel called Satire, and mashes up LMFAO's hit “Sexy and I Know It” with the NASA Curiosity mission and abundant JPL-love.

"It comes complete with shout-outs to Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson," reports the Washington Post, which dug into the story behind its creation. Half a million views so far, huh? Best NASA PSA ever.


    1. Totally agree. I think the problem was that the Houston/SE TX congressional delegation is a little bit Dem heavy in a majority red state. Oh, but how did we become so Rep heavy? Gerrymandering.  And it’s even worse in Austin and San Antonio than in Houston. The proof? Lamar Smith.

      JSC totally merits a shuttle. They’re getting one in fuckin’ New York. I got nothing against NYC, love the place, but what did they ever do for the shuttle program?

      I think it’s time for a heist.  Are you in? Where is that 747 that totes the shuttles stationed? And you can bet if we do manage to steal a shuttle the NASA T-38’s at Ellington will escort us on the last leg of the trip.

      1.  I don’t know about the one that shuttles the shuttles, but we got the DreamLifter up here in Everett, and the shuttle would definitely fit in it if you could take its stubby little wings off

  1. I mostly loved this with all my heart, but why exactly is there a bikini-clad female with no head in the video?  What was the point of that?  To demonstrate that in the middle of awesome, incredible science that women are taking a relevant and crucial part in, we can still objectify them? I found that image . . . disappointing.

      1. I completely understand the reasoning behind having a person in a swimsuit.  I question the judgment of having only one person in a swimsuit when that one person is a female.

        1. I’d never seen the LMFAO video… I just looked and if I had to guess why they used a girl in a bikini, it’s probably because they didn’t have a guy willing to wear a speedo and wave his junk around. 

          Also, in case you couldn’t tell the box on her head was supposed to look like Curiosity’s mast.

          So here’s what happened: they realized they could cleverly use the fact that there is a guy with a box on his head in the original video by making the box Curiosity’s mast. But then none of the males wanted to wear a speedo. So one of the girls did it.

          She does not shake her booty. One of the guys does shake his junk around, but from beneath khakis. I am not going to say that your point is completely invalid, but it’s way overblown.

        2. You’ve gotten to the point when your feminism is preventing women from doing things that are well within their rights and societal norms. You are allowing your concern about the male gaze to cloud over how awesome a dancing robot in a swimsuit is.

          1. Prevented? 

            Talk about overblown! 

            Who ever said that women in the U.S. are forbidden from sexually objectifying themselves?

  2. Well, the bikini-clad female was there to represent Flobot, the robot-headed dancer who’s part of LMFAO. In the actual video for the song, all the guys dance around in Speedos, so that should explain the swimsuit. 

    1. We’re a group who worked on the web series “Job Hunters” and we’re on a break between seasons. Our production team wanted to keep making fun content, and given our love for NASA it seemed like a good fit!

      And you’re right, we’re based out of Seattle.

  3. How could no one comment on the line “25 feet to go”?!?  Hasn’t NASA learned its lesson about mixing unit systems?  I realize that “eight meters to go” doesn’t have the same number of syllables, but particularly for anything having to do with Mars missions, the NASA folks should have insisted on only using SI…  (yes, I am engaging in sarcastic over-seriousness…)

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