Shirts for copyfighters

A pair of most excellent copyfighter tees are now available from Techdirt's store. They've revived their classic DMCA notice/YouTube shirt, and added a fab "THIS T-SHIRT HAS BEEN SEIZED" ICE tee that has to be sen at full size to be fully appreciated. $29 each.

(Thanks, Mike!)


  1. Nice badges, but be warned the ‘MOTHERFUCKING’ on the center one may limit where you can wear this.

    1. It’s a discrete “motherfucking”. Not as discrete as “F Bomb (Maternal Variant)”.

    2. Much more importantly, I strongly suspect that the Motherfucking Eagle is treading dangerously close to unauthorized use of the protected trademarks, trade dress, and/or distinctive likeness of the Motherfucking Pterodactyl…

  2. I heard that if you’re wearing the “this shirt has been seized” shirt, and someone stares at you for ten seconds, you’re compelled to say “You wouldn’t steal a car…” in your most ominous voice.

  3. I’m disappointed that there’s no Right Said Fred reference in the seized shirt image. I’m too sexy for many of my shirts, and I need a shirt to inform people of the issue!

    1. Most of my shirts are too sexy for me. One of the Kenneth Cole ones actually taunts me with a label that announces that it has an “extra sexy fit”.

      1. I will have to check that out. I have mostly maintained my youthful figure into middle age. it was easy to find taper cut dress shirts back in the 80’s and 90’s, but as young people have gotten heavier, it’s hard to find a dress shirt at a good price that I can tuck in without bags or weird creases at the waist.

        1. The Extra Sexy Fit shirt is a large. I am 6′-2″ tall. If I weigh over 155 lbs, that shirt makes me look like a sumo wrestler.

  4. I’m confused. Do I just download these images and print them onto a shirt? For my own personal use, obviously…

    1. Ok, i am taking that comment at face value.

      Notice the links in the article. They lead to a store front where you can order either variant.

  5. Some of these would be even better as buttons/pins/badges (whatever the preferred term is in your area) than as shirts, and then you don’t have to worry about sizes.
    Not enough things are available as buttons these days. They need a big revival.

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