Bikram Choudhury, yoga's biggest asshole, squares off for a copyright showdown


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  1. mintyy says:

    It’s settled. Yogi Blowhard is my next alter alias. 

  2. Makes me think of Apple. You already have all the money and fame in the world, what the hell are you fighting for???

    • wibbled_pig says:

      Because “that’s probably enough” isn’t a phrase in most greedy blowhards vocabularies?

    • Gyrofrog says:

       You gonna come along with me in
      these things I have to do, or what?

      • stuck411 says:

        Because the legal system requires it. Got a trademark or copyright on something? Then you’d better defend it each & every time otherwise when you do take it to court Joe Bob Lawyer will ask why you’ve let person X use it uncontested for 5 years. You stand a good chance of losing then. (Not defending Yogi Jerkwad here. Just stating why everyone litigates or mails cease & desist orders when something like this comes up.)

    • The Extreme Type A ethic:

      1. I’m always right.
      2. I need more.

    • Snig says:

      Maybe he expects that his mad yoga skills will give him eternal life, hence the need for much more scratch than the average person could spend in one lifetime.   Or possibly he wants swank surroundings on multiple planes of existence. 

  3. Dlo Burns says:

    So he’s like the Pablo Escobar of yoga, but with less class?

  4. crystaljeanwest says:

    “Bikram is basically the Walter White of yoga”   —Brilliant!   

    Details also did a fascinating piece last winter on the teacher training program: 

  5. Navin_Johnson says:

    Please tell me this guy is based out of Miami.

  6. spiro says:

    Salon did a great piece on him almost ten years ago, back when it felt like one of the most vital websites online:

  7. 3eff_jeff says:

    The small, svelte man from Calcutta runs his hands anxiously through thin, wiry hair that falls from a mostly bare crown past his shoulders.

    Wait a second…  *googles*

    SKULLET!!!  He’s got retired Pro-Wrestler Hair!  Yogi Mullet!

  8. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    You’ll never go broke conning Americans with the “mystical east”.  Talk to people from India who are familiar with this sort of self appointed guru and they’ll have a not so nice opinion.

  9. Alex Schneider says:

    Million dollar Rolls, rhinestone ties, blah blah blah. Cut to the chase, can this guy you know what  his own you know what, or what?

    • Theranthrope says:

      I’m having great trouble parsing your post. Can you please translate it; perhaps into English this time…

      • Jason McDowell says:

        I had a really hard time too. He means “can this guy you-know-what his own you-know-what, or what” or better, “can this guy @$%$ his own @$%$, or what”.

        I’m not sure what the actual expletives are supposed to be in this phrase…

        • glittalogik says:

          Dawww, so innocent :) “Suck his own dick” is the phrase you’re looking for. This is a fairly common trope with regards to male proponents of various flexibility-based arts – gymnasts, yogis, contortionists etc. Stay classy, world!

  10. darrrrrrn says:

    Just one look at his photo is enough to know he’s wrong, whatever it is he’s doing.

  11. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    Basically he’s bending the little people over. 

  12. bklynchris says:

    Amen, on that headline sister.  My yoga instructor told me (ie-veracity plausible-only) that Bikram requires only a certain type of rug to be used in the studios.  A rug, I might add, that has the unique ability to pass on the nastiest case of dermatitis that I have ever had on my outside ankle bones, shit required adhesive steroids to get rid of it.  

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      One of my students who took Bikram, but not from him personally, said that the instructor walked around windexing the mirrors during class.  Apparently, environmental control is important, presumably as an aspect of branding.

  13. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I got a few refugees from his classes.  Apparently he wanders around yelling at students for being fat.

  14. niktemadur says:

    “Yoga’s biggest asshole”.  LOLwow.  That title could only have been churned out in California.  Then again, a thousand times better this than other shenanigans that happen in states with “all guns and no queers” postures.

  15. niktemadur says:

    Over the next four decades, his clients would include… George Harrison, Charlie Sheen, Britain’s Prince Harry and Jennifer Aniston.

    Charlie Sheen?  Well that explains everything.

  16. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    This explains why there has been an explosion of street poles plastered with “Hot Yoga” studios in town over the past 3 years. The ponzie of Yoga. Buy in, turn on, pay out.

    To toot my own horn, I practice Kundalini which has hopefully not been altered in its practice of over several thousand years. 

    Go into the light.

  17. auralee says:

    So the US Copyright Office has essentially validated the factual nature of yoga’s effectiveness?  Wonder if they’ll get around to realizing that gene sequences are factual, too . . .

  18. Kia Mistilis says:

    Starring in his very own Yogi-Gangsta reality show.

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