Meet your face mites!


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  1. Funk Daddy says:

    Yet another reason to behave and be good to others and yourself if you believe in reincarnation.

    • chaopoiesis says:

      Right – otherwise you may end up coming back as one of the 10^14 bacteria living in your tummy and penis and coo. 

      Which of course are all busy having sex with each other.

  2. Brian Malow says:

    “Meet Your Face Mites!” – sounds like a new song title from They Might Be Giants.

  3. Can we get a unicorn, please?

  4. Val Lindsay says:

    “All over your face”. Great. The GG Allin of bugs…

  5. Can’t we just give them a cute name, like the water bears have?

  6. Nick Harvey says:

    I’m usually all in favor of knowledge for its own sake, but I really did not need this information in my brain.

  7. GrumpySteen says:

    At first glance I thought Boing Boing had posted an X-ray of an adult toy.

  8. wolfman_al2 says:

    How lovely!
    Now excuse me, my face has an appointment with the belt sander now.

  9. Quiche de Resistance says:

    “They are having sex on your face”
    Am I the only one that thinks this is kinda hot?
    “…they don’t even have an anus.”
    Well this is disappointing.

  10. knoxblox says:

    After the two mites finish having sex upon the scientist’s face, they decide to have a snack. As they lazily munch away, one turns to the other and asks, “So what are you eating?”
    The other mite replies, “Nutting, honey.”

  11. greybird says:

    I commented at length about my own experience treating my “acne” as a demodex problem under the previous post on acne:

    “Demodex Solutions” is working for me. Google it.

    I didn’t have a microscope to check for mites first, but their treatments are healing my skin regardless. See before (march 15, 2012) and current image attached. Slowly but significantly improving…

  12. cstatman says:

    oh gawd-damnit    thank you for contributing even MORE  to my OCD issues.     I need to go wash my face,  but I am at work, and the sinks are not as clean as I would like….      CRAP CRAP CRAP

  13. wibbled_pig says:

    As long as they don’t cause allergic reactions, they’re welcome to live their two weeks on my face for many generations.

  14. jrevelator says:

    I am so sick of  HD photos of microscopic alien bugs from hell. It makes me itchy every damn time I see one. Giant telescopes show us awe inspiring gaseous nebulae while electron microscopes make us gasp in effing horror. 

  15. Robert Louis says:

    As you may or may not have seen yesterday, the bacteria in the little pack-o-poo these little fellows leave behind may be the cause of Rosacea:

    EDIT/TLDR: the discover article was downstream from the ns one

  16. Wingnut says:

    I have a feeling that as a kid Maggie Koerth-Baker would say to the kid next to her at lunch time “wanna see something gross?” and then excrete chewed-up egg salad sandwich through her teeth. Just a hunch.

  17. Preston Sturges says:

    Holy crap, they are big enough to see with a magnifier (0.1 to 0.4 mm).  Wikipedia has quite a bit more:

    The entire life cycle of D. folliculorum takes places in the time span of 18–24 days on its host.[4] Females have a ventral vulva anus opening, and males have a well-developed penis located between the first and second legs. A female adult lays 20-24 eggs in a single hair follicle, as they grow they become tightly packed, and develops into larvae.[4] During the day, they remain feeding within the follicle. Later at night, they emerge onto the surface of the mate and eggs are laid into the hair follicles. The larva is then washed by a sebaceous flow, produced by the host’s sebaceous glands, into the mouth of the hair follicle where the egg matures into an adult.[4] It takes seven days for the larva to develop into an adult that is ready to reproduce sexually.[9] 

  18. Robert Cruickshank says:

    That “forgot to give it a butthole,  so I’ll just let it die in a poop-expolosion” thing must be kind of interesting for the intelligent design folks.

  19. Rick. says:

    There’s an episode of That’s Incredible! from my childhood that had a story about mites or something that live on your eyebrows (or eyelids?) that really did a number on me for years. I still think about it when I’m aggressively washing my face in the shower.  I tried finding the clip online but could not.

  20. Kristi says:

    When I was a child I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of tiny life forms living in my eyebrows.  I am not sure what made me think about it so often, but I definitely remember being very aware of the idea (maybe I also saw the episode that Rick. mentioned above?). 

    In any case, I was so excited to see the tile of this post and to finally feel justified in all of my odd childhood awe.

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