Things that almost make you want to go back to school


9 Responses to “Things that almost make you want to go back to school”

  1. capl says:

    Or fulfilling your lab requirement with “The Chemistry of Beer”

  2. bearchief says:

    Another great one: Microbiology 375: Introduction to Brewing at UW-Madison.

  3. Bearpaw01 says:

    We subscribe to Cooks Illustrated, and the biggest reason why is how unapologetically geeky they get about how cooking works.

  4. Harvey says:

    All undergraduate chemistry labs are cooking classes. I used to spend the first half hour of lab watching the over-achiever do his lab so I didn’t have to think about what to do. Then, I would do the same lab, but since I’m a better cook, I’d getter better results and a higher score.

  5. Jason Carl says:

    I already wanted to go back to school. 

  6. benher says:

    BoingBoing: A blog/minefield of wonderful/potential breaking-bad-spoilers!

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