Cory and Charlie Stross coming to Lexington tomorrow; then Brooklyn, Brookline and Rochester

Tomorrow morning, Charlie Stross and I kick off our tour for Rapture of the Nerds tour, with stops in Lexington, KY; Brooklyn, NY: Brookline, MA; and Rochester, NY. Be there or be left behind!


  1. Lexington is really close … but do I really want to descend into gushing nitwittery at this advanced age?

    “Oh CHARLIE! I’ve been TRYING to implement your throwaway idea from 2005 in code for absolutely YEARS! Gosh, coding self-owning corporations is HARD! None of my lawyerly friends GET IT! blatherblatherblather”

    “Oh CORY, I feel like ‘Visit the Sins’ is about ME!” geekgeekgeek
    I should probably stay home.

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