Cthulhu lemon!


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  1. perryboing says:

    Buddha’s hand, a citrus fruit that is mostly rind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha%27s_hand

    • Nylund says:

      While it could very well be a Buddha’s Hand, it could also just be a deformed lemon.  My mom has a lemon tree that sometimes makes lemons that look like this.  She calls them Buddha’s Hand when they turn out that way, although, technically, that’s not correct.  A Buddha’s Hand is a distinct fruit.  She just grows deformed lemons.

      There’s a Reddit thread where they talk about both.   Someone says the deformed lemons are the result of a citrus mite.  Here’s a photo of one still on the tree:


      Overall, I think you’re right, probably a Buddha’s Hand, but possibly just a messed up lemon.

    • Ah El says:

      H̟̠̝̬͇́̍̕͞Ë̟̺̤͛ ̧̠͙̩̦̗̟̉̃̆̌̈́ͤͮC͙̥̮̰͗͗͟Oͮͭ͑̊͏̵̰̪̬M̮̜͍̯̒͂̓̆͆̈ͩ̍͠Ē̄͂̓̌́҉̮͖Ş̪̞̭̜͕̐͋̍̋ͮ͛

  2. Robert Cruickshank says:

    Came here expecting some sort of terrifying yoga pants. 

  3. Calimecita says:

    We used to have a lemon tree that one year (and just that one season) produced fruit like that. Some of the lemons resembled a jester’s hat. All had a really thick rind and not much juice or pulp inside. 
    It went back to normal the following year, so I always assumed it had been temporarily affected by a virus, fungus or other pest.

  4. Just_Ok says:

    When life hands you deformed lemons, organize a Lemon-aid

  5. Shashwath T.R. says:

    Lemon and Demon are just one letter apart. Interpolating between L and D, you get H, so this is a Hemon…

  6. emacsomancer says:

    Looks more like a Pac-Man ghost to me.

  7. LOL!   Cool!   Thought of Lemon’s blog when I saw this:   Lemon Lime Moon

  8. Snig says:

    Gluing black eyed peas also works well for eyes, as in the style of  the book “What are you peeling?”

  9. timquinn says:

    just don’t look at it.

  10. I had the impression that every etrog, (citrons that have a function I can’t remember in Sukkot celebrations) looked sort of like this.  But a Google image search makes it appear that most etrogs (etrogot?) just look like knobbly lemons.  Anyway, with Sukkot starting at the end of September, sort of seasonal.

  11. Eric says:

    I’m stealing the name “Cthulhu Lemon”  for my new line of occult yoga pants…

  12. koturnin says:

    Stupid question, but I want to know: what is the connection between “Cthulhu lemon” and yoga pants?

    EDIT: Never mind I get it, sorry.

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