Cthulhu lemon!

Sean from Melbourne sez, "This, believe it or not, is a citrus fruit that I have dubbed Cthulhu lemon. Ok, we did the eyes. But the tentacles at the bottom are natural."

Cthulhu lemon

Update: Xeni has also been touched by his lemony, noodly, horrible, horrible appendage. She points out that nonbelievers call this Buddha's Hand Citron.


    1. While it could very well be a Buddha’s Hand, it could also just be a deformed lemon.  My mom has a lemon tree that sometimes makes lemons that look like this.  She calls them Buddha’s Hand when they turn out that way, although, technically, that’s not correct.  A Buddha’s Hand is a distinct fruit.  She just grows deformed lemons.

      There’s a Reddit thread where they talk about both.   Someone says the deformed lemons are the result of a citrus mite.  Here’s a photo of one still on the tree:


      Overall, I think you’re right, probably a Buddha’s Hand, but possibly just a messed up lemon.

    2. H̟̠̝̬͇́̍̕͞Ë̟̺̤͛ ̧̠͙̩̦̗̟̉̃̆̌̈́ͤͮC͙̥̮̰͗͗͟Oͮͭ͑̊͏̵̰̪̬M̮̜͍̯̒͂̓̆͆̈ͩ̍͠Ē̄͂̓̌́҉̮͖Ş̪̞̭̜͕̐͋̍̋ͮ͛

  1. We used to have a lemon tree that one year (and just that one season) produced fruit like that. Some of the lemons resembled a jester’s hat. All had a really thick rind and not much juice or pulp inside. 
    It went back to normal the following year, so I always assumed it had been temporarily affected by a virus, fungus or other pest.

  2. Lemon and Demon are just one letter apart. Interpolating between L and D, you get H, so this is a Hemon…

  3. I had the impression that every etrog, (citrons that have a function I can’t remember in Sukkot celebrations) looked sort of like this.  But a Google image search makes it appear that most etrogs (etrogot?) just look like knobbly lemons.  Anyway, with Sukkot starting at the end of September, sort of seasonal.

  4. Stupid question, but I want to know: what is the connection between “Cthulhu lemon” and yoga pants?

    EDIT: Never mind I get it, sorry.

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