Free, Creative Commons licensed downloads of Rapture of the Nerds


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  1. Michael Wiik says:

    Nice, but the craphound page leaves off the ‘pdf’ for the pdf version. One can just copy the link and add ‘pdf’, that works.

  2. zax says:

    It’s a shame there’s no universal honesty. Then purchases could happen after the artifact had been enjoyed and everyone would pay because it was the done thing. There would be a standard payment for those that didn’t enjoy it and a full price for those that thought it fantastic.

    • Brill Pappin says:

      Love that idea, but human nature (or the nature of pretty much any species) would not allow it to happen that way.

      The best you could do is to put the value in some sort of “escrow” type of account, but then who’s to say you are just claiming you didn’t like it?

      CD makes his living on the idea that those that can afford it will afford it, and those that can’t should be able to read it anyway. I like that way of thinking myself, but I also know that there are a large number of freeloaders out there :) There are enough honest people out there that CD can make a living. Let him be remembered in history for that.

  3. juioli024566 says:

    so good

  4. May I ask our gracious host about the significance of the cover art? Is it a collection of CAD designs for 3D-printable objects (given the axis lines attached to them)? Or the assembly instructions for some unspeakably complicated Airfix-style model?

  5. Guido says:

    Thanks a lot, Cory!

  6. AnotherDave says:

    I see international availability of the ebook purchase is once again non-existent. Curiosity led me to check if this problem had been solved on some of your other books yet, and I see Little Brother, For the Win and a couple of others finally have a release date! … In November.

  7. NelC says:

    Cory, do you and Charlie want to hear about typos in the PDF yet?

    Judge Guiliani has a paragraph break in between the ‘judge’ and the ‘Guiliani’ every time her name appears.

    The chapter before ‘Appeals Court’ ends: “In fact, Bonnie thinks she could rather get used to “, breaking off prematurely.

  8. Can’t buy, because I live in the wrong country apparently… :(

  9. kiptw says:

    I’m not sure I get what’s going on. When I click the link, it takes me to Amazon, with a twelve-dollar price tag.

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