Advisory: iOS6 maps on the tube

The London Underground workers made a funny.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

(Image: source unknown -- if you know it, please leave details in the comments)


        1.  I am strongly in favour of renaming Tramlink to “Wombling Free” just so trains stopping at Wimbledon station can say “Change here for Underground, Overground, Wombling Free”

  1. For people who have upgraded and find the built-in Maps unusable (like me, since they don’t include bus information for Quebec City), the web version of Google Maps works quite well.

  2. Apple solves the Senkaku crisis

    I think it will turn out to be close to the real solution. Since the islands themselves don’t matter,only the Exclusive Economic zones that extend from these islands, Japan gets one virtual Senkaku archipelago, China gets the other virtual archipelago, and sea floor gets divided as if there were two island chains: Japan gets half, China gets the other half, which is essentially where we started.

  3. One London transport staff member makes a funny and chuckles to himself, boss at Apple bangs fist on table and smashes it to bits. “Remove that station from the Universe, NOW!”

    Squads of Geniuses march out in perfect synchronisation, karate chopping the air a lot.

  4. It’s always highly enjoyable to see that users are actually willing to give apple some time to improve.

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