Kickstarting a book of homemade D&D modules from the 1980s

Plagmada -- the Play Generated Map and Document Archive -- is kickstarting a book of homebrew D&D modules made by game-geeks in their misspent youth. The lead title is the remarkable The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord, created by 13-year-old Gaius Stern in 1981. The book will contain other homebrew adventures, and is seeking your contributions, which you can email to, for inclusion in the book, which will be called "The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord and Other Adventures from Our Collective Youth."

The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord & Other Adventures (Thanks, Tim!)


  1. Damn! I KNEW I should have stopped my Mom from tossing out all my jr. high stuff! My geek buddies and I had a Pink Floyd-themed dungeon that was crazy fun! 

  2.  Awesome – very cool idea. Though those giants look suspiciously Frost-like. Played through the original series that starts with the Temple of Elemental Evil (though one could make an argument I guess that it actually starts with the introductory module Keep on the Borderlands) and ends with Queen of the Demonweb Pits – that I am sure is the inspiration for the module pictured. The art really brings me back, I m afraid that the art on the module pictured is only slightly inferior to a lot of early D&D art, but now it has great nostalgic plus so it’s still nice. Makes me wish I still had all my own early home made modules intact, though my younger brother rarely had to make a new ‘dungeon’.

  3. These sad stories of loss are the reason the project exists.  Seek out your old gaming buddies from those days and prod them into contacting the archive, it’s only a matter of time until their stuff too disappears.  

  4. I remember writing one in which a guardian naga’s alignment (normally lawful good) was some flavor of evil – so, you know, we’d have an excuse to kill it.  Not just for its treasure (and because it’s evil), but for its valuable naugahyde.  But I’d be very surprised if I could locate the old papers 27 years later.

  5. Channeling my junior-high school grammar nazi, I would really hate to fail my roll against that “butt-on gismo” shown in the text after the link. Yikes.

    Yes, fellow gamers, I was that kid.

  6. Holy Crap.

    I KNOW I have SOME of my old DM binders around, and some of my old hand-created monster stat sheets.  And my handmade props for players. 

    I remember using an old calligraphy set that my Mom had, and some old vellum, and made my own “scroll fragment” complete with water stains and burnt edges.

    And, I think I STILL have my handmade Deck of Many Things.  Made with oaktag and a set of expensive Farber markers…

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