Kickstarting a book of homemade D&D modules from the 1980s


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  1. Why does Mitt Romney have a giant hammer in that picture? 

  2. El Fez says:

    Damn! I KNEW I should have stopped my Mom from tossing out all my jr. high stuff! My geek buddies and I had a Pink Floyd-themed dungeon that was crazy fun! 

  3. liquidstar says:

     Awesome – very cool idea. Though those giants look suspiciously Frost-like. Played through the original series that starts with the Temple of Elemental Evil (though one could make an argument I guess that it actually starts with the introductory module Keep on the Borderlands) and ends with Queen of the Demonweb Pits – that I am sure is the inspiration for the module pictured. The art really brings me back, I m afraid that the art on the module pictured is only slightly inferior to a lot of early D&D art, but now it has great nostalgic plus so it’s still nice. Makes me wish I still had all my own early home made modules intact, though my younger brother rarely had to make a new ‘dungeon’.

  4. robdobbs says:

    I too have long since lost all my custom D@D campaigns. 

  5. Tim H says:

    These sad stories of loss are the reason the project exists.  Seek out your old gaming buddies from those days and prod them into contacting the archive, it’s only a matter of time until their stuff too disappears.  

  6. Gyrofrog says:

    I remember writing one in which a guardian naga’s alignment (normally lawful good) was some flavor of evil – so, you know, we’d have an excuse to kill it.  Not just for its treasure (and because it’s evil), but for its valuable naugahyde.  But I’d be very surprised if I could locate the old papers 27 years later.

  7. knoxblox says:

    Channeling my junior-high school grammar nazi, I would really hate to fail my roll against that “butt-on gismo” shown in the text after the link. Yikes.

    Yes, fellow gamers, I was that kid.

  8. Boundegar says:

    Has this one been recreated on Ludus?

  9. Jen Onymous says:

    Holy Crap.

    I KNOW I have SOME of my old DM binders around, and some of my old hand-created monster stat sheets.  And my handmade props for players. 

    I remember using an old calligraphy set that my Mom had, and some old vellum, and made my own “scroll fragment” complete with water stains and burnt edges.

    And, I think I STILL have my handmade Deck of Many Things.  Made with oaktag and a set of expensive Farber markers…

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