HOWTO make a machete wrench

EV Builder and friends were in the midst of refitting a vehicle to be of use in a zombie apocalypse when it occurred to them to turn a machete into a variable hex wrench. They liked the result so much that the published the HOWTO on Instructables.

Perhaps one of the more useful tools I have ever owned was a flat bar with a series of hexagonal cutouts in it. While minimally useful as a wrench because of its long length, it proved invaluable as backstop for holding nuts in place while I was tightening them down. Not to mention that when my wrench set was annoyingly missing just the size I needed, my hard to misplace flat bar always had me covered.

It therefore stood to reason that a Katana with a similar series of hexagonal cutouts would be valuable both for taking down Zombies/Mutant wildlife and complementing any set of tools used for post apocalyptic DYI projects. However, after a bit of research it became apparent that in addition to being expensive to make, “Katanas are notoriously high maintenance”* and at ApocalypsEV we hate the idea of high cost high maintenance (

So seeking a simpler more affordable concept, we created the Mechanics Machete. It combines the Zombie fighting power of a machete with the utility of a set of wrenches. Also when using stainless steel for the blade, it eliminates the maintenance hassle of trying to keep the blade rust free.

Every time I see a hex-wrench made by cutting a shape out of a piece of metal, I remember the time Gatwick airport security stole my belt-buckle, including the little loop that held the belt's tongue, because the loop had a hexagonal cutout that was a "wrench."

Apocalypse Mechanics Machete (via Neatorama)


  1.  The wrench closest to the hilt would probably be of limited to no use, because the handguard would keep you from putting it flat against whatever you’re bolting, and the one closest to the tip looks like it would split the end of the blade if you put any serious torque on it. It looks sort of cool, I’ll give them that.

    1. I didn’t think about the position of the smallest wrench near the handle, but I came here to suggest that the next time they make one of these, they should stagger the holes, so as to not make a fault line.

      Even better, make two ’em, each with fewer holes.

    2. Good thinking but not quite true. You’d push against the blunt side of the blade as leverage. To use the middle size you’d pull on the handle and push on the blunt of the blade, giving you even leverage throughout.  :)

    1. Depends on the intended function. I believe this was designed as an all-in-one tool for dispatching steampunk cyborgs.

      1. I came here to make that comment.  Brainspore and I will be the only one’s surviving the steampunk cyborg apocalypse.  It’d likely be best to have one in English units and a metric one to disassemble ninja steampunk cyborgs. 

  2. “So as you can see, I can now use my machete to open…oh dear. Could you do me a huge favor and go fill a ziplock bag with ice? No, it’s fine. It’s fine. Look, could you calm down? I’m the one who cut it off, OK? Now I just need to dial–*thunk*”

  3. Mister points out that this design also will make hacking through large carcasses much easier. The holes add to airflow in the slicing action through dense a cheese knife.

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