Bacon ice cream sliders

Further nutritional oddments from a touring author (see yesterday's installment). I stopped into the most excellent indie bookstore Diesel at the Brentwood Country Mart in LA for my Pirate Cinema book tour, and noticed that the ice-cream parlour next door was advertising bacon-spiked ice-cream sliders, as well as a corn and spicy cheese crisp ice-cream sandwich.

I'll be in Lansing, MI tomorrow (tell your friends), and look forward to discovering more characteristic local cuisine.

Bacon and spicy corn Ice Cream Sliders, Brentwood Country Mart, Los Angeles, California, USA


    1. If if there was ever a sign to get out of to bBrentwood as quickly as possible, this was it!

      The proof reader in me just needed to fix those gramatical and capitalisation mistakes.

    2. If this is what the next level looks like, I think I’m just going to sit this one out . . .

  1. Darn it.  I’m 60 miles from Lansing now and I’ve been looking forward to this event.  But tomorrow at 6:00 pm I’ll be hitting the Oceanside hotel in Virginia Beach on a work trip instead of at Schuler’s Books.

  2. That looks like a chewy roll. Completely the wrong conveyance for something like ice-cream, or any other non-solid for that matter. 

  3. I am a Lansing local and a bit of a foodie.  I would HIGHLY recommend one of the following locals for you to indulge in.  1. The Soup Spoon Cafe.  2. Fork in the Road Dinner.  These two restaurants are probably the most regarded establishments in the Lansing area.  Both utilize locally sourced food products and do a damn fine job creating interesting dishes that are sure to appeal to most everyone.

  4. I grew up in Lansing too. Do not try El Azteco. My wife worked there in college and it is super gross. If you want great Mexican food, there is a random truck on Michigan Ave called El Oasis. Their food is amazing. I second the above comment. Soup Spoon and Fork in the Road. But that is about it. One of my friends recently told me he was done living in Lansing because “there is nothing to eat in this d*%n town”

  5. I like to go back to Kewpie in downtown Lansing when I go home. Love their olive burgers. It’s a nice diner/burger joint.

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