Highlights of the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos "free-fall from space"

A highlight reel of yesterday's spectacular skydive from the edge of space. As blogged during the event, and reimagined in LEGO and cat GIF form, Austrian parachuter Felix Baumgartner dropped out of the stratosphere yesterday from a pressurized capsule, for the Red Bull Stratos mission. The successful jump (and, landing!) set world records for the highest freefall and highest manned balloon flight in history. Early specs, via Red Bull's Facebook page: Altitude: 128,097 ft. Duration of freefall: 4:19. Total jump time: 9:03. Speed: 1137 kmh. No beans. (via Laughing Squid)


  1. We were watching it yesterday, outdoors at a flea market.  Not as exciting as watching Neil Armstrong’s first walk on the moon, but pretty fucking amazing.  Talk about a ‘high’. 

    1. Yes, I was very impressed by the Red Bull STEREO probes’ images of a large prominence erupting from the Sun, and of course we were all fascinated by the Red Bull Rover’s landing on Mars.

  2. I kind of wish they just made a prank video where he steps outside the capsule and then just kind of floats off into space instead of falling down.

  3. Dude! I wasn’t sure if this was a bitchin achievement until I heard the kickin tunes and saw the Red Bull sponsorship. Thanks brah!

    The thing is, James Cameron should have been the one jumping so that he could claim the greatest elevation relief of any human being.

    1. That would have likely led to a very different outcome for Felix. I think the fact that he surpassed Mach by a decent margin made it essentially impossible for him to simultaneously get the longest freefall record from the height at which he jumped. Three out of four is better than SPLAT.

  4. I have never seen a more commercialized, made for TV, commercially sponsored little event.
    The next moon landing will happen under Golden Arches.

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