Redesigned cereal mascots as creepy, wrinkled costumed characters


6 Responses to “Redesigned cereal mascots as creepy, wrinkled costumed characters”

  1. Alan Olsen says:

    That does not even look like John Draper.

  2. Timmo Warner says:

    I actually think Cap’n Crunch is an improvement over the real mascot.

  3. Boundegar says:

    Thank God he’s not old enough to remember Super Sugar Smacks.  My childhood would be in tatters!

  4. Christopher says:

    As a kid I had a National Geographic book about pirates. There was a picture of Blackbeard in it. The look on Blackbeard’s face was almost exactly the same as the look on Cap’n Crunch’s face. It’s probably just an eerie coincidence, but it’s still making me giggle.

  5. Devin Jones says:

    If you have not already seen :-)
    You’re welcome.

  6. JhmL says:

    Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are already going ‘hmmmmm….!’

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