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10 Responses to “Keyboard made from beer-cans”

  1. danegeld says:

    Neat sponsorship deal. Could we get Glock to sponsor capacitive touch handgun keyboard, or the RIAA to sponsor capacitive keyboard where each key is a legitimate honest-to-god DVD?

  2. Abelard Lindsay says:

    Oh God. That keyboard.  Holy fuck. No.

  3. Timmo Warner says:

    Has everyone emailed manafu yet?

  4. robcat2075 says:

    Disappointed it wasn’t a musical keyboard

  5. Logolepsy says:

    Has anyone emailed necenzurat yet?

  6. silkox says:

    Are the plans open source? Where can we find them?

  7. wakeupsilver says:

    Easier to make with a MaKey MaKey (disclaimer I make MaKey MaKeys)

  8. Al_Packer says:

    Second prize was two trips to Prague.

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