Rubik's Cube fruit salad

Rubik's Cube fruit salad from our friends at


    1. I was going to complain that it was not properly symmetrical! But really.. it looks tasty.. so very tasty.. 

    2. Different seasonings.  You have to taste each carefully so you don’t lick all the flavor off a face.  Sorbet may be helpful as your palate will get quite muddled. 

    1. They look like square marshmallows close up though you could probably use bananas, apples (rinse in lemon juice to keep from browning) or maybe even cherimoya.

    2. probably halloumi, a mild, very firm sheep’s milk cheese. it’s commonly paired with watermelon or pineapple, although usually grilled. it’s delicious.

  1. This is one case where you want people to play with their food.  “Go ahead and try to solve dessert”

    Seriously, this looks cool

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