Ted Nugent Halloween costume, 1977


8 Responses to “Ted Nugent Halloween costume, 1977”

  1. Gyrofrog says:

    And to think I went as Luke Skywalker that year.  I can still smell the fumes from my Ben Cooper mask.

  2. Dan Hibiki says:

    Creepier then the Zardoz halloween costume?

    I can’t decide.

  3. hubs says:

    There is a lot to laugh at here but trigger warnings should’t be a joke.

  4. bolamig says:

    Gotta love the paper sacks that look like they used to hold 40 oz beverages.

  5. franko says:

    you know, i love all three of those albums, but i just can’t listen to them anymore because he has ruined them for me. and were those masks ever a real thing? if so, this is the first i’ve ever seen of them, and i was about the same age as those kids in 1977.

  6. TheOven says:

    I see now where Aphex Twin is coming from. 

  7. C W says:

    So is he adopting those kids to molest as well?

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