Bone conduction MP3 player in a grill

Last December, Aisen Caro Chacin released this "Play-A-Grill," a homemade hip-hop grill with a built-in MP3 player that conveys sound via bone conduction. I love the idea: they should issue 'em to the Secret Service instead of those goofy corkscrew earpieces.

Play-A-Grill is the combination of a digital music player and the mouth piece jewelry usually associated with Hip Hop and Rap music genres known as a grill. Grills are almost always made of precious metal, most notably gold or platinum. They are completely removable, and almost used as a retainer. This piece of jewelry presents a perfect opportunity to merge an arbitrary music fashion object and reintroduce it as the music player itself. Because the grill is worn over the teeth, sound can be transmitted using bone conduction hearing instead of outside speakers or headphones. Play-A-Grill is an iteration of a music fashion object of that becomes the music player itself.

Play-A-Grill (via JWZ)