Donald Trump calls for revolutionary overthrow of American government


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I look forward to his sedition trial!

  2. SexBobOmb says:

    He deleted it, because he posted it before there was a freakin’ point to it.  Obama appears to be winning the popular vote as well.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      People forget that you can call the Electoral College vote long before the popular vote AND that California is one of the last to be counted but has millions and millions and millions of voters. Obama will probably end up with about 51% of the popular vote.

      The fact that Mittens could get 48% of the vote after not answering, changing his mind or lying in virtually every public interaction is disturbing.

      • “The fact that Mittens could get 48% of the vote after not answering, changing his mind or lying in virtually every public interaction is disturbing.”

        This is what troubles me also.

        I imagine that it’s part of the same problem we have here in the UK – in that people vote for parties, and not always candidates.  i.e. that percentage (hopefully) represents the republican vote more than it represents a vote for Romney. This is still a worrying trend, but at least easier to rationalise.

        Because really, if 48% of America think that guy should be in charge of anything then the UN should be putting the US on some kind of watchlist.

        Not even 48% of the UK voted for Cameron, and he’s a pussycat on comparison.

        • benher says:

          “…if 48% of America think …”

          I think changing the verb “think” to “believe” explains it. Sadly, certainly no less disturbing.

          The blind faith in a “lord” or the angel Boney Moronie or magical underwear exempts these people from critical thinking, intelligent debate or argument. 

          • Funk Daddy says:

            Think vs Believe is an explanation for political view that stymies many an angry fool. 

            Unfortunately it rarely lasts for long, they see Fox again and are awash in comfortable angry belief before their brains can rewire enough to reject unsupported statements or flimsy graphs.

        • Christopher says:

          I think what must be taken into consideration is that some of the 48% saw Romney as the “lesser of two evils”, which I assume is true of some Cameron voters as well. And I know several people who didn’t care what Romney’s policies were and who weren’t concerned about what he would do. All that mattered to them, the sole reason they were voting for him, was because they wanted Obama out.

          Of course I realize that the fact that there is are a number of voters in this country whose major problem with Obama is his skin color or the belief that he’s a socialist or a Muslim is really just sharpening your point that the US should probably be put on some kind of watchlist.

          • “All that mattered to them, the sole reason they were voting for him, was because they wanted Obama out.”

            Good point, something I hadn’t accounted for. But then you’d think the same about Bush and through some miracle of black magic he got a second innings; but ye, he’s white.

            “Of course I realize that the fact that there is are a number of voters in this country whose major problem with Obama is his skin color or the belief that he’s a socialist or a Muslim is really just sharpening your point that the US should probably be put on some kind of watchlist.”

            I’d love to agree with you, but unfortunately hate-fuelled bigotry and ignorance aren’t a unique export of the US – I bump into people that live in my own community and the things they say, off the cuff, with no concern can make me cringe. But of course it’s fine because I’m white so they’re just ‘saying what everyone’s thinking’ and couldn’t possibly conceive that I might be offended by their objective offensiveness.


        • Party loyalty is a huge part of it. I spent all weekend arguing with my conservative family members on Facebook and their arguments all boil down to, “We don’t really like Romney either, not all Republicans are bigots but I don’t want to pay my taxes, so I’m voting for the GOP candidate.” They just lay back and pretend it’s still the party of Reagan and it’s still 1988.

        • Chip says:

          A significant portion of that 48% voted for “not-the-black-muslim”.  The republicans could have run a meth addict who couldn’t string four words into a meaningful sentence and they still would have received at least a third of the vote as long as he was white and some flavor of christian.

      • Stooge says:

        They weren’t necessarily voting for Romney, but they were definitely voting against Obama.

      • welcomeabored says:

        I sat here at the computer last night watching the election map fill in. There on the monitor was Colorado and New Mexico in blue, surrounded by a big moat of red states voting for Romney.  Sometimes, Antinous, I think I’m living in an enormous open-air asylum, and it scares the hell out of me.  My fellow citizens look so kind and affable on the outside.  Just as divided as the country appears to be, inwardly my fellow citizens are equally schizo, and I just know assholes like Karl Rove are laughing  up their sleeves at the chaos.  A nation torn in half can do nothing collectively but tear and scratch at each other.  Yes, he’s but one of many political operatives and engineers (read: demons), but they’d better cremate his ass when he dies, or I’ll find his gravestone and leave a pile of fresh turds.  Grrrrrrr!

        On a happy note though, I was pleased to see that there will be fewer mildly stoned folks filling our jails and prisons, and I may yet live to see us stop cutting down trees to make toilet paper.  Instead I’ll be standing on the side of the road looking at gently undulating fields of hemp.  

        I believe there’s a mausoleum in Colma, CA I’d like to briefly visit.  I’ll be takin’ a roll of TP with me.

        • lhl says:

          The maps you see on the news are pretty falsely polarizing IMO.  They don’t account for the fact that in any county, most of the time, the map is pretty “purple.” Also, they show geography, not population.  For a better visualization you’d want a cartogram.  Here’s ones that UM prof Mark Newman did in 2008:

          Hopefully someone is producing 2012 versions (maybe interactive, allowing you to get an even better understanding of how close the percentages really are).

          • welcomeabored says:

            Thanks, lhl!  I kept paging down to look at the percentages, as more closely representing what was happening, but this citation is sweet relief to look at.  I’ll add it to my ‘favorites’.

          • Alex Mauer says:

            Same page did the 2012 version:

    • Roman Berry says:

       So what you’re saying is that Donald Trump is an idiot. A rich idiot to be sure, but still an idiot. Hoocoodanode? ;-)

    • cdh1971 says:

      Heh…hadn’t checked on whether or not trump deleted the tweet, but it doesn’t matter…I  saw the tweet live on MSNBC.

      Pics attached are relevant to Trump’s, and his Clownship’s interests:

      Notice how the Bitch of Buchenwald resembles Ayn Rand?

    • benher says:

      Are we certain he wasn’t referring to Bush Jr. ?

  3. Michael W. says:

    You have my hairpiece!

  4. ackpht says:

    I didn’t worry about what came out of Trump’s mouth before, and I’m certainly not going to care now.

    • Romana_Clef says:

       Even Brian Williams on CNN was like, “I really don’t want to put any time into this, here you go, this happened, moving on.” I’ve never seen an anchorman brush past something so brusquely before. Good for him

      • t3kna2007 says:

        Brian Williams had another good line when Savannah Guthrie had to leave as co-host, so Williams turned to the remaining David Gregory and said “well here we are, like two guys left at a bar.”

      • acerplatanoides says:

         My Brianism of the night “There is a whole lotta weed on a whole lotta ballots”

  5. bzishi says:

    I’m sure Donald was calling for revolution in 2000, but I can’t seem to find any references. But I’m sure this isn’t for political purposes. I mean, he has principles, right?

    Funny thing though–Obama did win the popular vote. Donald Trump made his call before the West Coast returns came in. He was probably egged on by Drudge who had supersized text displaying Romney with higher votes than Obama just up until Obama started having higher numbers.

  6. Ladyfingers says:

    Wasn’t everyone on the other side kind of ineffectually whining the same thing when Dubya was generalissimo?

    • Ipo says:

      Whining the same thing, yes, sort of. 
      But not in the same situation. 

      Not over it.

    • joshhaglund says:

      The left is more likely to threaten to leave for the US for a more civilized country. I haven’t seen anyone with visibility like Trump’s call for revolution (on the left). Unless you count musicians. But there, the right’s got (and embraces) Nugent.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

       I wish Romney would have won the popular vote with Obama winning the electoral vote if anything to once again illustrate how awful the system is.  It would be nice to have both sides against it, but I have the feeling that the GOP really knows that in the long run it benefits them more.

    • acerplatanoides says:

       nope, it seems to have had the desired effect, and bothered you.

    • Not even a little bit. “Second Amendment solutions” are trademarks of the American Right Winger. The other side, as you call them, is all about peaceful protest and nonviolent opposition. If Lefties were violent, OWS would be an armed insurrection rather than street theater.

  7. apoxia says:

    “The world is laughing at us.”

     Trump doesn’t seem to be too up-to-date on the world’s opinion of Obama vs Romney. At least not my part of the world.

  8. Russ McClay says:

    According to the current numbers I see (CNN), Obama is ahead in the popular vote by over a million votes.  

  9. Mitchell Glaser says:

    So now Obama has won the popular vote and Trump has proven to be even stupider than he has appeared these past several month. Will it change anything?

    I just watched Obama thank Romney et al for leading the most dishonest and divisive political campaign in generations. Swept it all right under the rug in a prayer for bipartisanship he ain’t gonna get. Is there any reason to think that Trump’s little tantrum will even register on the public mind? Not a bit.

  10. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Dear Donald Trump,
    You should be aware that some asshole is signing your name to a bunch of stupid tweets.

  11. Michael W. says:

    ♫ Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
    All right, all right
    All right, all right, all right
    All right, all right, all right ♫

  12. Russ McClay says:

    President Obama was unfazed. On “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Obama joked to Leno that the bad blood between him and the “Celebrity Apprentice” star “dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya.”

  13. mobobo says:

    TRUMP: ~

    Northern to midlands slang for a fart, expelling of wind from the anus.

    Oi who trumped?

    • NynjaSquirrel says:

      And almost always used in a childish manner – so even more fitting. This is one of those Britishisms that REALLY needs to catch on over there. “OMG, that guy totally trumped in the elevator’. or “Damn bro, was that you? No, that sulphury cloud was the dog trumping”

  14. Jewels Vern says:

    Excuse me, “revolution” does not necessarily mean “overthrow the government”. 

  15. t3kna2007 says:

    Frustrated dominant is frustrated.  And I like that.  He can console himself by building a few more golf courses.

  16. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Can we all hope that that vein in his forehead is going to twitch and pulse enough to knock that poor defiled cat corpse off his head?  Maybe then the obvious symptoms of heat stroke will pass.

  17. tw1515tw says:

    Best response so far – from Christopher Berry

  18. sedierta says:

    As always XKCD has the answer.

  19. As an overseas reader, one of the reasons why I was hoping for an Obama victory despite not being a huge Obama fan is that it is far more satisfying to see the abjectly ignorant crying into their beer than the moderately intelligent.  I am particularly looking forward to some maudlin histrionics from Glen Beck. Possibly with guitar histrionics from Ted Nugent – While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

    • cdh1971 says:

      Heh Heh, tristan. 

      Your blog looks well worth checking out, and I shall.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      While Chuck Norris pummels an empty chair being held down by Clint Eastwood. Yes indeedy, I expect many an amusing story about how Obama stole the election from white people over the next few weeks.

      • B E Pratt says:

         Uhm, does the 1000 Years of Darkness begin now? Or do we have to wait until January for the actual Inauguration?

        • cdh1971 says:

          Winter has come…at least perhaps for Donald. 

          Springtime for Romney has been averted. 

          I feel sorta bad (okay, not really) about attaching a picture of Michael Steele to this comment, one in which he is wearing nazi drag and cavorting with the House Drunk and Grannie Panties, but hey – he’s an intelligent guy and the cognitive dissonance seems strong in him. 

          It’s time Steele left the Republican Party, otherwise, he’s just another otherwise not-too-bad person who stays in the nazi party ’cause he is deluded into thinking he can effect change from within. 

          Yes — I’m skimming the surface of Godwin’s law – but I believe I am still in compliance as I have only made an analogy in this comment, not accusations or name calling. That and the pics are satire-ish

  20. Nell Anvoid says:

    Well, Donald…I don’t know about the rest of the world…but I’m certainly laughing.  The most viscerally satisfying part of this is the prospect of watching the hate-sprewing bloviators and the imbeciles on Fox throw their tantrums and freak-outs.  The only down side is that a Romney win would have been a great thing for comedy.  Obama has to step it up; he’s too sensible.

  21. Hey Donald, you don’t mind if we start the Revolution right at the base of Trump Tower, do you?

  22. traalfaz says:

    I assume he did NOT have the same feeling when Bush lost the popular vote but won the election?  And that was in the final count.

  23. Alex Aumann says:

    In a way… Trump is right.  The country needs a revolution.  Both OWS and the Tea Party would agree.  Politics has deadlocked the country into a messy place, and the recent election won’t have changed that.

    I’m not sure what would need to happen to reboot politics to cause people and politicians to be pragmatic and concentrate on solutions rather than mudslinging, though. 

    I do look forward to the next few months, where we’ll see the Republicans rip each other new ones over why a party that promotes the interest of the 1% can’t seem to get elected by the 99%. 

    • The whole world is on the edge of revolution – I’m not sure if I’m correct in assuming this is historically significant, and unique, but it seems that way.

      I’m not entirely sure how a global revolution would pan out.  Ultimately probably something I’d rather read about than experience first-hand.

      “I do look forward to the next few months, where we’ll see the Republicans rip each other new ones over why a party that promotes the interest of the 1% can’t seem to get elected by the 99%.”

      But they did land 48%, which is worrying.

      • NynjaSquirrel says:

        I’m sure 48% of Merkans don’t like a coloured fella being in that there White House over yonder…

        • They’ll tell you that it’s because he’s a Kenyan Commu-Muslim.

          Apparently people that detached from reality are still allowed to vote.

          • NynjaSquirrel says:

            Not meaning your post obviously, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen socialism and communism used interchangeably over the course of this campaign by people afraid of his communist ideas such as Obamacare.

        • IronEdithKidd says:

          Racism was almost certainly at play.  However, there’s an unsettling number of anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-”Christian” voters in the US.  These people will vote against their economic interest at every turn so long as their authoritarian agenda gets a shot at controlling the lives of their fellow citizens.

          I understand you were attempting to make a funny, but I just don’t find racism entertaining and I’m certain it’s not the main reason Romney got votes from a portion of the 47% of America that he so hypocritically despises.

          • NynjaSquirrel says:

            Oh – I know, and what depresses me is that the Republican attitude to fight him at every turn in the house now means that they’ll be happy to cut off their noses to spite their face simply to see everything he tries to put through – fail.

          • Marja Erwin says:

            How long until they start insisting Obama is actually a lesbian separatist too?

          • IronEdithKidd says:

            OK.  *That* was funny.

          • Mitchell Glaser says:

            Remember that Sheldon Adelson, one of Romney’s biggest supporters is Jewish, so it’s not all pro-Xian. There is a lot of pro-$$$ involved.

          • IronEdithKidd says:

            Another flavor of single-issue voter, but the quantitiy of those votes is several orders of magnitude smaller.

            [edit: cleaned up spelling error]

          • jackbird says:

            I finally understood this attitude; could never really figure it out before.  It’s something like “The reason for the spectacular rise of the USA in the post-WWII era is due to the direct intercession of God.  If the American people strays too far from the ‘moral,’ path, God’s protection will be removed and the country will fall into ruin.”

          • IronEdithKidd says:

            Right, because US preeminence post WWII had nothing to do with Europe having to completely rebuild their industrial capacity while ours was at full, unscathed capacity.  Nope.  God.  Because God.

    • DisGuest says:

       Campaign finance and Lobbying reform would help to an extent. Bring back the leaders to their real constituents: the people, not the corporate muckety mucks.

    • Al_Packer says:

       Alex, check out the No Labels organization ( www dot nolabels dot org )  They’re trying to move the nation past partisan gridlock, and they are starting to get traction.

  24. caracepatmenurunkanberatbadan says:

    congratulations to the re-election of Obama as the American president for the second time

  25. Guest says:

    ps – don’t tell him.. he thinks it is live TV

  26. howaboutthisdangit says:

    Aww, da spoiled crybaby didn’t get his way, so he’s throwing a tantrum.  I’m sure that if Romney had won, Donald would be telling Obama supporters, “get over it”, “love it or leave it”, etc.

    This is not over yet.  As an Earther, I demand proof that Donald Trump is really from this planet.

  27. technogeekagain says:

    I’m willing to grant Trump a moment of frustration-induced stupidity.

    It’s his earlier unforced stupidity that I consider meaningful and unforgivable.

  28. So as far as disenfranchised poor people, immigrants, students, women, and the elderly calling for a revolution are concerned Donald says “kiss my ass,” but the instant someone is elected who won’t help him compound his billions any further it’s “Viva la Revolucion!”

    Truly, this person is a sad waste.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      Ha, Donald as a Revolutionary Leader… 

      He’s probably reading histories of Castro and thinking to himself 

      “Oh.. My.. God.. Expropriation is the best real estate venture in history, and all for free, uh I mean, Freedom!”

  29. chris jimson says:

    Except there have been plenty of times where a Republican won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote– does he think we should have overthrown George W. Bush when he beat Gore without the popular vote?

  30. blindidiotgod says:

    I have this vision of him running naked and howling across the White House lawn, a stream of cognitive dissonance tears trailing behind him. At least then some secret service guy might put him out of his misery.

  31. abstract_reg says:

    Who gave this guy a twitter account anyway!
    …What’s that? … My aid has just informed me that twitter accounts are free for any monkey to use. In fact there are house cats with twitter accounts.  Nevermind, carry on world.

  32. OohErMissus says:

    Unfortunately for Donald, he’s far more knowledgeable at suppressing revolution rather than fomenting it, if his 4-part combover technique is any indication.

  33. TaymonBeal says:

    Christ, what an asshole.

  34. Navin_Johnson says:

    Trump and his ilk would not make out so well in a real revolution……

  35. acerplatanoides says:

    “The world is laughing at us.”

    the Donald has a mouse in his pocket. 

    • Al_Packer says:

      In fact, most of the world views President Obama favorably.  This from the BBC web site:

      “The BBC’s Chris Morris in Brussels writes: Europe will be waking up this morning with a general sigh of relief. Opinion polls have always shown President Obama to be more popular than Governor Romney across the continent – but for most governments, too, continuity in Washington is better than a changing of the guard. The US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner – as well as the President himself – has been closely involved in discussions on the eurozone. The EU is so embroiled in its internal debates on the eurozone crisis that it doesn’t want any external distractions.”

      Also:  “‘Relieved but underwhelmed’ appears to sum up much of the European press reaction”

      • acerplatanoides says:

        Thanks Al. I was mocking the Donald. “Having a mouse in ones pocket” is an old timey polite way to say ‘inappropriately speaking for the group’.

        • Al_Packer says:

           I like the discussions on BoingBoing–the humor is better, there’s more thought in them, and much more cordiality.  So thank you, Acer.

  36. Aspexi says:

    Spy magazine had it right when they called him a “short-fingered vulgarian.” That was back in 1988, and he hasn’t improved one bit.

  37. feetleet says:

    Three things:

    1. In response to Lemoutan: sedition can be committed against ANY level of government. Federal, State… all the way down to municipal. It’s not a semantic argument – it’s right in the U.S. Code (18 USC § 2385, below) 

    2. Now a fun one. Any person convicted of sedition is AUTOMATICALLY ineligible to work as a government employee for the next five years. So a conviction for this statement would spoil it for Bachmann/Trump ’16. Ironically, if Trump is making these kinds of statements to lay the groundwork for a political career, he could be hoisted by his own petard if he starts to take it too far.  

    3. In response to Jewels Verne: Webster’s defines ‘revolution’ as “a fundamental change in political organization; ESPECIALLY: the OVERTHROW [of a] government.” You could argue that the code requires advocacy of a VIOLENT overthrow. But most American schoolchildren understand the word “revolution” to refer to an actual bloody overthrowing war, e.g., the American revolution. In fact there have been very few NON-violent revolutions in human history.

    Trump WON’T be convicted of advocating overthrow. Not because he didn’t commit a federal crime. But because we all know he’s a blowhard. Really, that’s the actual reason. Hear me out.

    The federal statute he violated has been upheld as an exception to the First Amendment’s free speech protections, but only when the advocacy incites unlawful conduct that is both IMMINENT and LIKELY.

    I have no doubt that Tea Party zealots could storm into the streets at any moment with their stockpiled guns and wreak plenty of unlawful havoc given the right push. But Donald Trump can’t even incite his HAIR to behave a certain way. So it’s not LIKELY.

    Now consider this. If John Boehner or Chris Christie had made the exact same statement outside of Congress – even with the same vagueness and quick retraction – THAT might constitute sedition. 

    Everyone seemed so quick to jump on the ‘sedition’ bandwagon here. But free speech applies to happy mutants and D-bags alike. We have to take the bad with the good. Let him bloviate.  

    18 USC § 2385 “Whoever [advocates] overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States OR the government of any State, territory [...] OR ANY POLITICAL SUBDIVISION THEREIN [...] by force or violence [...] or publishes [that advocacy] [...] shall be fined [...] or imprisoned [...] or both, and shall be INELIGIBLE for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the next five years following his conviction.”

  38. liquidstar says:

    I couldn’t help but think of this clip when I saw who saved the tweet from being deleted:

  39. Al_Packer says:

    I think what most Americans are looking for is politicians who are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, politicians who will follow the Hippocratic principle “First of all, do no harm.”

  40. Sean Breakey says:

    For some reason he didn’t say this when Bush did the same thing… almost as if it were politically motivated, or something…

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