Drunk woman on YouTube upset over Obama reelection

Video Link. It's 24 minutes long. Embedding disabled.

"15 fucking posts on Facebook and NONE OF YOU SHARED IT. I spend hours upon hours upon hours mining the news and finding things to post for you to share with other people and yet very few of you do it. I'm talking to all you namby-pamby pussies. GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET. LOVE SOCIALIST AMERICA, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE GOT."

The tinkling ice cubes in her shot glass really sell it.

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  1. I read an article on this elsewhere earlier today, where someone in the comments had linked to this woman’s Facebook profile. Giving it a read over was one of the most fascinating, depressing, and train wreck-y experiences.

      1. I think I’d want to hear from Xeni, Antinous or someone on the BB staff as to whether that’s allowable prior to posting a link.

        That said, I haven’t watched the video yet, but someone mentioned she’d stated her name in it, and that’s how they found her Facebook page.

        1.  fair enough. didn’t want to troll her. just had an unhealthy curiosity that would probably be best not acted on

          1. No, totally understood. Her settings don’t allow non-friends to comment, so I don’t think much trolling can be done. And other folks have linked (that’s what I get for hitting Facebook at work, but not YouTube), so indulge away in that morbid curiosity.

        2. Public is public, more or less, as long as you’re not inciting anything other than lulz.

          1.  Like she says, she’s working in a minimum-wage job for which she’s vastly overqualified, sounds like she’s got a lot of energy to spend on other things. She’s unhappy, blames the president, and really wants change.

            Not sure she knows what kind of change would positively affect her life though, too much fox news/drudge perhaps?

          2. Is it slightly ironic that somebody from the party of “work” and “personal responsibility” wants to blame the President for her situation?

  2. You all need to get off the FUCKING internet. Shut your accounts down! YOU’RE WORTHLESS!


    1. That was my thought.  When someone is screaming at me that they are unhinged, I take it seriously.  

      She says she doesn’t have children, lives alone, and implies she doesn’t have a full-time job (at 6:30); she sounds very socially isolated, so much so that she’s investing a lot of her self-esteem in having her videos shared and opinions echoed.  

      At 7:25 she hits the wall of her own self-delusion pretty hard.  (Well, some of it, anyway.)

      Around 7:50 she starts describing the stuff around her computer, as if expecting to be judged by it and found wanting.  That made me cringe.  

      She spends a lot of time telling people she doesn’t care what they think of her, despite the evidence she’s provided to the contrary.  

      This is really sad, actually.  

      1. Madness and isolation are self reinforcing. I’m glad from my brief visit to her fb page that people are offering her visits and support.

        1. I’ve been in group therapy programs, which makes me potentially the worst kind of armchair expert on human psychology, so I’m going to steer clear of any claim to understanding what’s going on in her head. But my lulz (and I can’t deny she supplies them in abundance) were cut short when I started hearing her say things similar to those I’ve heard from people with painfully low self-esteem.

          The video is funny. Really, really funny. It’s pretty hard not to laugh when someone levels their lance at a windmill and gets knocked on their ass, particularly if they don’t have the redeeming qualities of Don Quixote. I think, however, that anyone who thinks they’re incapable of such self-delusion is demonstrating exactly that capacity, and that the real joke here is of the cosmic variety.

      2. You know, I was just going to skip the video and lol at the comments but after reading yours, I’m pretty much sure I have to go and watch it. 

  3. She’s got that conservative radio voice down real good. Just the right thoughtful pauses, then outburst!

    I see a future here. Talent agents: Just look up her address and show up at her door! Or in her bedroom!

  4. Why are people so convinced that anything they post on Facebook is going to make someone change their vote or other deep seated opinion? “Well I was all for marriage equality but then a person from my high school shop class who I haven’t seen in twenty years posted ‘The Bible says Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve’ on Facebook so now I hate the gays.”  All a content limited medium like Facebook or Twitter can do for complex issues is make people feel a bit better about an opinion they’re unlikely to ever change anyway. It sure isn’t going to convince someone on the other side of the issue to suddenly change.

    1. I actually don’t agree with that. I think that when people who I know are thoughtful, intelligent people post things that surprise me, I consider what they post more than I do if it does not have their imprimatur. I don’t always agree, but it makes me consider it more than I would have.

      1. I tried to give it a shot.  When I joined FB, I was tickled to re-establish contact with old friends from high school with whom I hadn’t spoken in over twenty years.  The small talk was fun, the reminiscences over shared experiences and “what ever happened to whatshername” stories felt really good.

        But when political or philosophical opinions came up, it got depressing.  I grew up in what has turned out to be a pretty socially-conservative semirural part of San Diego County, and it seems that the majority of my old friends who didn’t move out of that neighborhood have grown up to be admirers of Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum.  Back in the 80s, my friends weren’t generally politically active, and other than a strident letter-to-the-editor I wrote to the San Diego Union-Tribune about Oliver North and Iran/Contra when I was seventeen, neither was I.

        So it was depressing to discover that my old friends and I had ossified our political feelings, having moved apart to the point where I couldn’t believe that the same geeky pals who had been beaten up with me by the high school bullies would be so stridently opposed to gay marriage, and they of course are no doubt shocked to realize what a godless Communist I’ve become since I moved to L.A. in 1991.  Some of my best friends can overlook these “failings” of mine, just as I see past theirs.  We are, fundamentally, the same people we used to be.  But when it came to the vast majority of my old childhood friends I re-encountered on FB, the disappointment and frustration weren’t worth it.  I’ve never wanted to live in a bubble or echo-chamber, but neither do I enjoy feeling like the only damned soul in the congregation.

        This wasn’t the strongest reason why I quit using Facebook, but it was the saddest.

        1. As long as I’m on Facebook, I’ll never need to join the John Birch Society, because I’m getting all their talking points anyway.  Relatives, in-laws, ex-punks, ex-hippies, even still-hippies…


    2. This was my first thought about a minute and a half into the video. She seems to be ranting that people didn’t spread her posts around enough because she assumes they would have convinced Obama supporters or undecided voters to vote for Romney instead. That’s a lot of self-importance right there. She’s upset that people aren’t sheep in the particular way she’d like them to be.

        1. Seems like her politics are more like Kinison’s.  Bill Hicks was a Noam Chomsky fan and rabid anti-authoritarian.  Can’t imagine this woman reads a lot of Noam Chomsky.

  5. One of the things she is pissed off at is that other people are not willing to be as aggressive in sharing as she is. That they are “pussies” for not shoving her views (which they say they believe in) into the face(book)s of others. 
    And because people didn’t use her methods and share her stuff her team lost. 

    It’s the Bullying theory of political discourse. Get your friends to not be afraid of offending anyone with their views and spread them all over because that will work and change people’s minds.

    I see this a lot in RW media, they help teach people how to “talk to liberals, if you must” but it really isn’t talking to them, it is attacking them and “winning the conversation”   

    They might say they want a dialogue, but what they really want is a monologue  where you are bowled over by their brilliant views and you say, “My god, you are right and I’m wrong. I never thought of it that way! I’m changing my mind right now!”

  6. All that did was raise my blood pressure.  Linking to that rant just elevated a drunk person with a personality disorder above the anonymity she so richly deserves.

    1. I tend to find public ridicule a much more effective tool for discouraging idiots than just ignoring them. If you ignore her someone might actually listen, if you ridicule her no one will dare.

  7. With the election result confirmed, if I was staring into an abyss of 1000 YEARS OF DARKNESS then I might be inclined to get a little tipsy too, the poor woman.

    1. Aw, poor Chuck. And now I feel even worse for his sparring partners!

      Strange to see such a tough guy act so afraid.

    1.  I think you left it in your Escalade, along with some lobsters and multiple Xboxes.  And strippers that accept food stamps.  SWIPE CARD HERE.

  8. Silly woman doesn’t know that unless she pays up for ads, only 15% of FB followers will see her informative videos. And thus the election was lost.

  9. Damn, I’m glad I didn’t have the internet back when I was an active alcoholic.

    What’s kind of ubernutty about this rant is that after all of her unhinged anger is exhausted, the creator actually makes statements (Obama not a Muslim, not illegitimate, & 9/11 not a vast conspiracy) that are rather surprisingly SANE.

    1. She is actually well spoken, reading her facebook she has a real passion, its a shame this passion is all on the right, the left (at least in my country) has retreated behind an ivory wall of smugness and condescension.

      if only she would use her powers for good.

  10. She sounds so unable to deal with the idea that she’s irrelevant and ineffective, able to respond only in increasing bewilderment and self-entitled anger; she really is a perfect Republican.

  11. I was going to watch the election on her Facebook, but decided to watch CNN instead. They put literally tenss of thousands of man hours into their coverage. Turns out some things are better done by a collective than an individual. Huh.

  12. Someone’s made a brilliant remix of this, accompanying her fury with a delightful Lawrence Welkesque orchestral piece: https://soundcloud.com/eptc/obama-was-re-elected-woman

  13. Anyone who thinks activism over the Internet will suffice for gettiing anything changed or done, should listen to this all the way through. 

    If you want  something in this country to change, get off the fucking Internet and get out of your fucking domicile. Leftist? Find out what the Occupiers are up to and go occupy something.  Right of center? Start showing up in person to republican events. (If you’re reading this here, you’re likely a moderate, and if you can’t help push the crazies out of the GOP, at least you’ll cost them money eating the catered food.)

    1. I had a feeling she’d take it down when she learned what kind of attention she was attracting, so I have a backup.  But it is her intellectual property, and her most recent Facebook update said she’d be using YouTube’s takedown policy liberally.  

      So to speak.

    1. Long story short, it seems that much of the right accepts an argument that socialism means absolute and total centralization of all power in the state, and that economic regulations, taxes, or any restriction on free markets or any alternative model of social and economic organization must inevitably lead to such a totalitarian nightmare.

      It’s pretty rare in the US for anyone to openly identify themselves as socialist or argue for socialism. When I do, I frequently run into these fixed ideas about what I must mean. The problem isn’t just that it gets in the way of discussing the history of struggles for socialism and what socialism could mean and what it could be. The problem is that the idea is that any deviation from a narrowly circumscribed model of social and economic organization will inevitably lead to a totalitarian nightmare. This gets in the way of any reasonable discussion of the problems we face and what possible reforms we might consider.

  14. I made the mistake of listening to about 10 seconds of the video. Umm…is it possible to suddenly develop PTSD over an abusive childhood, because I think that’s what just happened (?)

  15. it sounds like a rather rough-to-live with mixture of mood disorder, anger management issue, and mental health problem.  at least to these ears. 

    and, having had my own battles with mood disorders and mental health, not exactly yuk-worthy.  not from where i’m sitting at any rate.

  16. That’s a hella-big victim/entitlement complex this lady has.  I’m entirely too familiar with this mindset.  My mom has it, so does my SO’s mom.  I will not be watching the remainder of this video as I have enough frustration dealing with this shit in person on a daily basis. 

  17. Reminds me of that scene in the shining where she finds Jack’s manuscript. 

    Isn’t one definition of insanity repeating the same action ad nauseum but expecting different results?

  18. I’m all for free speech, but maybe certain mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed internet access.
    Think about it–the nation didn’t seem this divided before social media came about. Now any nutjob with a webcam and a twitter account can spew endless amounts of hate and insanity into the collective consciousness of the nation.

  19. I loved how Stephen Colbert channeled her in his opening yesterday.
    “YOU DON’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING I SAY…  I’ve been bringing you the truth, hot and hard now, for seven years!  And how do you repay me?  Four more years of hopey change!”

  20. My remix of this epic rant, titled “I’ll Fucking Kill You and I’ll Enjoy Doing It”

  21. at about 21 minutes in she goes off on the birthers, saying about how much time and energy they wasted…and whoa, apparently I’ve listened too long, because she’s making sense. 

  22. This is what I picture the sysops of Conservapedia doing in the drunken privacy of their own homes in the early hours of November 7th. However, this lady, as several commenters have mentioned, actually seems to have connections with reality still intact. She might be a reasonable, relatively ‘normal’ person if she’s not expressing bitterness or passionate rage over the fact that a black guy is President and just got renewed for another four years. Conservapedia’s kind of missing those tenuous but attached ropes to reality.

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