Petri dish Christmas ornaments


3 Responses to “Petri dish Christmas ornaments”

  1. Grey Devil says:

    It’s just not as fun if there isn’t deadly/nasty bacteria trapped within your petri dish ornaments. Where’s the sense of adventure?

  2. hadlockk says:

    It might be too early. Let’s err on the safe side and wait until after Thanksgiving, ok?

  3. haineux says:

    At an MIT art gallery, a conceptual artist asked his or her (sorry, I’ve forgotten the artist) critics to read reviews into a tube connected to a Petri dish filled with growth medium. So their “hot air” containing their own unique bioflora produced interesting patterns growing in the dishes.

    I’d probably have a biology major write the little “curator cards” next to the dishes explaining the significance of the patterns.

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