Calamityware now makes porcelain ornaments with its signature disaster scenes

If you're not familiar with Don Moyer's Calamityware, you should be. His series of blue-and-white porcelain pieces look like ordinary dinnerware at first glance but look closer and you'll spot the fantasy disaster scenes he's cleverly included (like UFO attacks and active volcanoes). You can get Calamityware as plates, mugs, bowls, platters and now, ornaments. Yup, he's essentially shrunk down the dinner plates and made ornaments that can be hung on the Christmas tree (or wherever).

There are 12 designs in all (see the rest at his site). A set of four ornaments is $52 or get all 12 for $144.

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Tree-shaped ornaments each made of different woods

These bespoke tree-shaped ornaments by Forge Creative might look great hanging from a tree, but they would also be right at home on a mantlepiece or in a curio cabinet.

Quoth Forge:

These collectible tree ornaments are hand-turned on a lathe and each tree is unique. We use off-cuts form a wide variety of woods and turn a them into different shaped trees. This way each one ends up with its own unique character. These look great as a small collection on a mantlepiece. We will pick trees at random and If you buy more than one we try to send a mix of different wood types and shapes. If you wish to choose a specific wood or colour, let us know and we will see what we can do.

They have 35 shapes to choose from and all kinds of wood.

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Petri dish Christmas ornaments

Is it too early to talk about how much I like these? I hope not.

Please note these are not actual bacteria, but watercolor paintings sealed in resin inside real petri dishes.

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Custom Newtonmas ornament

Reader synapselapse had this made for his family's tree. He says:

This came from an episode of Big Bang theory. They observed that Dec 25th isn’t actually Jesus’ birthday, he was most likely born some time in Sept, but it is Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday. So it makes more sense to put him on the tree!

My wife thought this was awesome since we’re trying to establish Christmas traditions that are dictated by our lives, not our parents lives.

I approached a friend of mine who’s a very talented artist about the project. He liked the idea and agreed to take it on. The tough part was getting it to look nice without being unnecessarily flippant. It’s a wire armature covered in Sculpy, then painted white with a finishing layer of varnish.

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Game-controller ornaments

Jazz up your Hannukah Bush this year with these gamer-themed ornaments -- game controllers, new-school and old-, laser-cut from acrylic. Available in red or white.

Controller ornaments - Black

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