Super Scratch Programming Adventure! an excellent way to get started in Scratch


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  1. Tyler Watts says:

    I am using the book with my 7th and 8th grade Computer class and they love it. The book helps them better understand Scratch, and this is my third year teaching it to students. The way the book is broken down is very kid-friendly. I heavily suggest it.

  2. Stephen Gurnett says:

    I remember having a few of the Micro Adventure books when I was a kid (after a half hour of googling ’cause I couldn’t remember the name):

    Kind of wish I still did…

  3. TimRowledge says:

    Catroid appears not to be a port of Scratch to Android but rather a re-implementation ‘inspired by’ Scratch. 

    There isn’t much of a need to port it anyway; Scratch is built on Squeak Smalltalk ( which runs on pretty much every machine/os under the Sun. Squeak has run well on ARM based machines since 1996. Work is under way to make it be a good Android citizen. Of course, there is the deranged insane ludicrous plan to use Flash instead. Really, what were they thinking; nobody in their right mind thinks Flash has a future.
    There is a version of Scratch supplied as a default package for the RaspberryPi, for example, and soon it will run under the only actually pleasant OS – RISC OS – on said RPi.Also note that there is another iOS package call Scratch, a note/text editor.

  4. hanoverfiste says:

    Thanks for this Cory! Picked this book up yesterday.  My first grader is thrilled.  He read the Stage 1 comic for his reading homework and hopefully after school today he can work on the first lesson.

    I have been looking for some good material to launch him into this for a while.  I bought another book, which came across as a little to advanced.

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