Marijuana dispenser machine company's stock gets really, really high, man

Medbox (MDBX), a firm that makes medical marijuana dispensing machines, says its stock "is getting way too high." Shares spiked 3,000% this week (from about $4 Monday to $215 Thursday), "prompting executives to try and dampen investor enthusiasm." The surge was caused by a MarketWatch story about how to invest in legalized marijuana.


  1. Now, a true American Corporate Executive Of The 1% would  ease the situation by issuing more shares…  Supply and demand, right?

    1. At that price, if it’s not a very narrow trading anomaly, he could issue more shares and give everybody a $4 dividend, so the original stockholders would have doubled their money. 

      1.  Doesn’t take much investigation to see it was indeed a very narrow trading situation. About 6 separate buys, less than 1000 shares each, drove up the price. It began dropping the same day.

        However, the original stockholders are still set up for a 400% profit at the close of the next day’s business, so they aren’t hurting for that 100% dividend.

    1. My friend complained on Facebook about Hostess’s going out of business meaning that he can’t buy any more Twinkies. But surely the trademarks to that product could be auctioned off just like its other assets have probably been sold off?

  2. * not pictured… snack machine addon preloaded with funions :)

    Its an interesting idea, until the Feds roll in and take it into custody where it will have a little accident…

    1. They aren’t trying to dampen enthusiasm.  Rather, they just want to smooth the enthusiasm out by filtering it through a liquid.

    1.  Good synergy there,  but my  fav google ad went something like: “Glory holes? You can find them at!” Wish I had taken a screen grab.

  3. Might make a nice short.  Just because marijuana will be legal in some places, doesn’t mean that selling it in vending machines will be.

    1. Like, how can something be legal AND illegal at the same time, man? Think about it, that’s some deep shit.

  4. Massive trade spikes aren’t uncommon when a thinly traded stock is exposed to excess publicity, but 3000% is insane.  Whoever was buying in at those prices will no doubt be learning a big lesson in trading come next week… after they’ve come down from their high of course.

    1. It’s crashing today, already back down to 100 and falling fast.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the activity was just speculators driving up the price for a quick buck from whatever suckers bought it at 200.  So much of Wall Street these days seems to be people trying to make a quick buck off of other people trying to make a quick buck.

      1. I agree with your point. I’d like to amplify your conclusion. Almost ALL of Wall Street these days seems that way.

  5. $200.00 a share.. for a vending machine company? Really…
    This is not the first machine of this type.  I think that people are just over excited because of the
    cracks in the dam of pot legislation.  But that in no way make a company like this worth $200 a share..
    I best they have sold less than $10k of these machines.. 

  6. That’s a pretty good thing. Notice how the Wall St guys get what they want from the government? Well, let’s make it so that they want legal marijuana, and watch the laws change faster than you can say “dude, pass me the joint.”

    1. It’s not a fluke if someone was making money by manipulating the market. That would be another f word. Fraud.

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