Demdike Stare's "Hashshashin Chant" (music video)

NewImageA fantastically-psychotronic and insane video for "Hashshashin Chant" by Demdike Stare, available on their out-of-print Voices of Dust LP or the Triptych box set compiling all three of their essential 2010 albums.


    1. Susan Dey was, I think, my first media crush…  Weird show, though – I always thought Reuben the manager had a creepy paedovibe…

      The track reminds me of the “help me, somebody” cut on Byrne/Eno’s My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts. Anyone else hear that?

  1. Excellent band, and a nice selection of 70s / 80s trash horror scenes to boot: Leák (Mystics in Bali), Robin Askwith in Tower of Evil…

  2. Not a single false note in what they did here, nor an instant’s hesitation.
    Whoever Demdike Stare is, they know what they’re after and what they’re doing.

  3. That was just great.  The music puts me in mind of Steve Reich’s early tape-phase pieces.  And what editing in that video.  (I now feel fairly certain I have been fed some sort of subliminal command, as in “The Manchurian Candidate.”)

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