Transform Robot from Japan's Brave Robotics brings "Transformers" to life

Above, the 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version 7.2 from Brave Robotics of Japan. There's an article about this creation in Wired Japan by Francesco Fondi, who saw the invention in action at the recent Maker Faire Tokyo.

The wirelessly remote-controlled Transform Robot took some ten years to develop, and includes wireless internet connected cameras for remote monitoring, and the ability to steer its arms and shoot little plastic darts from them.

Video Link.

Available for ¥1,980,000 JPY (roughly $24,000 USD). More photos here.


  1. This is awesome! Though I wish he’d move the camera back and not dissolve between clips when it’s transforming. Some of us might actually want to SEE the whole transformation! ;)

    1.  My only fear is that this cool piece of technology will only encourage them to make another terrible movie.

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