Pizza Hut perfume


Pizza Hut Canada produced a limited-edition perfume. Apparently, Eau de Pizza Hut has "“top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough." I guess it beats smelling like pepperoni or anchovies. (TODAY, via NextDraft)


  1. Did they really manufacture this stuff just for to be packaged as perfume, or did they already have a few litters of the stuff lying around for use in sensory marketing?

    1.  Excellent guess – wouldn’t be surprised if they had an order-of-magnitude mistake in an order and now they’ve got a ton of Pizza Smell to unload.

  2. Feh.  I worked at Pizza Hut for about six years in the late 80s and early 90s, and I was there when they introduced the hand-tossed crust.  If I had to smell fresh-baked Pizza Hut dough, I’d pick the pan crust instead.  Greasy and buttery!

    The hand-tossed dough was always the stuff that left the doughmaster’s hands cleaner than when his shift started.  But more than once I heard, “Shit, where’d my Band-Aid go?”

    Yer welcome.

    1. I delivered for quite some time. I’m glad they didn’t bottle the “delivery guy’s car” aroma. It took YEARS to get rid of that!

      1. Oof.  Had to sell those cars to rid myself of the pepperoni and sweaty-polyester-uniform-shirt smell.  Actually, come to think of it, all four cars I wore out in that job ended up sold to junkyards for $80 each.

  3. My memory of work in restaurants during my high school and college years mostly involves trying NOT to smell like the food after my shift.

  4. the smell associated with pizza hut for me, was part grease/part cleaning supplies / part mop water.  and the fetid odor of singed breadstick sauce in the slow cooker / dispenser.

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