Historic explosions recreated in cauliflower


23 Responses to “Historic explosions recreated in cauliflower”

  1. noah django says:

    oh lawd.  insert Christa MacCauliflower reference here.

    I can’t help myself.  I-I’m so ashamed.

  2. atteSmythe says:

    I didn’t expect that…the image is immediately recognizable, and made me feel sad all over again.

  3. Dislike. I bawled my eyes out that day.

  4. Warren_Terra says:

    Rather tasteless. 

    (And before anyone objects: I do recognize the obvious cauliflower joke, and it was not intended).

  5. Art says:

    Yes, I recognized it immediately. An unfortunate post for an insensitive concept.

  6. dmc10 says:

    Sorry, but not cool.

  7. Jason says:

    This doesn’t offend me. It’s a stark and beautiful work of art that doesn’t appear to making fun of the tragedy.

  8. TheOven says:

    That’s amazing. I had to double check to see the food stuffs. 

    All of you people that say it’s “not coo”l or “feel sad” again seeing this – well that’s the power of art. You’re welcome.

  9. Jerry Murray says:

    Insensitive and tasteless. It really serves no purpose. 

  10. Art says:

    The Challenger disaster still deeply stings-as it doesn’t seem so very long ago.

  11. Finnagain says:

     Right, and of these three, Nagasaki is not the most horrific?

    I saw a squirrel get run over once. That was horrible.

  12. slowtiger says:

    Have a look at https://vimeo.com/51438218 – I put the cauliflower into that icelandic volcano.

  13. Chris Sellers says:

    This made me ill. Awful. Terrible. insensitive.

  14. We need a 9/11 one immediately. 

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