Mother Jones ecotastrophe headline generator

"Who Paid Al Gore to Slowly Destroy This Baby Octopus" is a headline that just came up on when I tried out the Mother Jones Eco-Doom Headline Generator, which, in lampooning some of MoJo's real headlines, tends to come up with stuff you might otherwise see on The Onion or (dare I say it?) BoingBoing. It may well be the best waste of five minutes you'll find all day.


  1. “Are Your Flossing Habits Harming Our National Parks?”

    “Video: Are These Helicopter Parents Trying to Endanger Iowa’s Cornfields?”

    “Are Email Attachments Bad for the Environment?”

    This one must have originated on Boing Boing: “Is the Kombucha-Industrial Complex Dooming the Last White Tiger?”

    This one is quite chilling: “Is John Boehner Trying to Murder Future Generations?”

    And I’ll end with this one: “Who Let Rick Santorum Secretly Exploit These Snuggly Bunnies?”

  2. “Does Watching Cat Videos Endanger the Hemp Supply?”

    I’m guessing yes. All the hippies (and I guess hipsters too) get preoccupied with icanhascheezburger and don’t tend to their grow.

  3. I think one hasn’t gotten the full MoJo guilt treatment, until they’ve dropped their magazine subscription.  It was so over-the-top, I haven’t so much as glanced at the magazine’s cover since.

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