She & Him's yule log app


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  1. welcomeabored says:

    Can I assume the video portion is like the Yule video that was so popular to stream off Netflix last year?

    This weekend we were expecting snow (that never arrived) and my husband who had just got home from a week away at the corporate home office (meetings, meetings, meetings!), was in the mood for the snap-crackle of the video fire, and some nog.  He went to youtube and found a couple of two/three hour videos of a crackling fire in the fireplace.  In these videos though, you see a guy (just his arm is on camera) reach forward occasionally to poke the fire and throw on another log.  We realized then that this little bit of authenticity was missing from the Netflix video, having someone unobtrusively poking the fire felt more ‘real’, and therefore was a greater pleasure for us to watch.

    • Kirby_G says:

      My local TV station is having a contest, and the winner gets to be “the arm” in this years yule video.  

      I’ve never wanted a contest prize more.

      • welcomeabored says:

        Would be interested in seeing the catagories on the judge’s scoresheet.  1) Ability to keep most of his body off camera (no photo bombs!); 2) Manly forearms; 3) Even gait while moving toward the fire; 4) Restrained and confident use of tool (no premature pokery!); 5) Proper log placement.

  2. Shady Lane says:

    This app would go nicely with this christmas record player

  3. puppybeard says:

    I’d rather rub sandpaper on my eyes than own that.

  4. Mark Davis says:

    Now classic?  I’ve liked ZD in other things, and I’m all for “re-imagining” the Christmas classics, but I think their album is crap – sounds like a couple of lazy slackers who don’t understand the music they’re playing.

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