Code prints out randomly-generated cartoon faces

Mattias "Mokafolio" Dörfelt wrote a program that generates convincingly hand-drawn but randomly-assembled cartoon faces. [via Creative Applications]

Computer generated images have a certain aesthetics to them that make them immediately recognizable as such by the trained eye. Weird Faces Study is an attempt to combine my old interest in illustration with programing, to create something procedural that has a truly individual artistic touch to it and is not instantly recognizable as a generative art piece. Even though, the faces look hand-drawn, they are entirely expressed by algorithmic rules. Each face is random, each face is unique. Still, they look similar to my actual hand drawn faces.


  1. It’s a solid block of sullen deformed children.  

    IMHO, the trick with machine generation isn’t making large numbers of something, it is making said thing pleasing to humans.  There is no challenge in having a machine pump out hundreds or thousands of samey ugly renderings. 

    1. Humans are machines that pump out hundreds or thousands of samey ugly humans. A few of those are pleasing to humans.

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