Santacon 2012: Why the nose, Santa?

SantaCon 2012, official "Why the Nose" edition, San Francisco. Music by Kevin MacLeod, video by Mark Day.


  1. Because Santa’s drunk 24/7. Santa has to be or Santa would swing from a rope like your cookie ornaments. Think about Santa’s life for a second, kid. For real

  2. I think there’s something wrong with me: all I see is obnoxious, Instagram whores.  And I’m sure most of these people are really nice and not as drunk and self-absorbed as I perceive them to be, but damn, you couldn’t pay me to hang with these merrymakers. Is it an alcohol thing? It must be an alcohol thing.

  3. My wife and son were caught in a mob of drunken Santas. They were touching my wife, they scared my kid, and a fight broke out among them and the Santas were throwing punches and ripping each others’ clothes. The Santacon turned parts of Manhattan into a St. Paddy’s day drunken shitshow. I don’t like this frat/douche thing.

  4. Is there a JesusCon where people can run around shitfaced in loincloths and spiky head-wreaths?  I mean besides the Hunky Jesus contest.

  5. Years ago you would not be welcome if you just wore a santa hat or other minimal holiday costume. Santacon sucks now.

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