Lord Buckley recounts the life of Christ: The Nazz!

Boing Boing is committed to bringing you your annual portion of Lord Buckley's inspirational beat poetry. Earlier this month, I posted his version of "A Christmas Carol". Now, here's "The Nazz," Lord Buckley's indispensible biography of Jesus Christ. This is all the Christmas cheer anyone needs. With this alone, we could rebuild civilization from rubble.

Lord Buckley - The Nazz (Thanks, Iain!)

See also: Dig Infinity!, a biography of Lord Buckley


  1. Now everyone get thee to Todd Rundgren’s band The Nazz and Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust to see the influence Lord Buckley had with this piece. Though the band The Nazz got their name from a Yardbirds’ song which got its name from Lord Buckley. 

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