Star Wars memoir "A Long Time Ago" is back in the Kindle store


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  1. spacedoggy says:

    Amazon’s not the worst of ‘em, but still another example of only doing the right thing when the beam of publicity is on them. Anything to avoid the fact staring us all in the face. Net connected e-books have censorship functionality built directly into their architecture.

    It’s not really a selling point, so you can’t blame Amazon for playing it down. Seems you can’t succeed in business unless you’re fucking someone over. Wouldn’t have the stomach for it myself to be honest.

  2. Mark Nash says:

    Reminded me of the Plinkett review on youtube. Lucasfilm had it pulled for nebulous ‘copyright infringement’ reasons (possibly due to use of clips within the video that are used solely to illustrate Plinkett’s points and in service of the comedic tone which was decidedly negative and anti-Lucas) but after a short period the review was magically restored.

  3. Alenônimo says:

    So, if the guy wasn’t on Boing Boing…

    I think I would prefer if those responsible for taking out the content would receive a better training for that. But that Turner woman just quickly apologized and didn’t say anything else.

  4. chris jimson says:

    How did it happen?  Well, there is this ‘force’ that moves through all living things. . . .

  5. Whatever happened to “fair use”?

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