Appropriate attire for a New Year's Day swim in Vancouver


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  1. Half-Baked-Gogglebox-Do-Gooder says:

    “Goat” ?

    Looks like a Pronghorn Antelope to me.

    Either way, of course – Batshit crazy.

  2. Brad H. says:

    Is this like some sort of furry thing?

    Because you know, I could get into this. That Dr. Steve Brule segment kind of turned me off for a while.

  3. Half-Baked-Gogglebox-Do-Gooder says:

    ….”Goat” ?

    Looks like a Pronghorn Antelope to me.

    Either way, of course, still equals Batshit Crazy.

  4. Steve Graham says:

    Isn’t that a Pronghorn Antelope? They are not know for their boxing prowess, but maybe Canadian antelope are into that.

  5. DreadJester says:

    Looks like a character from a somewhat obscure Nintendo DS game called Animal Boxing.  It too was a bit crazy.

  6. Andrew Glines says:


  7. igzabier says:

    This human/furry hybrid hung around on scene garnering as much attention as possible. With a loud amp in tow, playing the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack(no, I’m not making this up nor writing fan-fiction) but he did reveal some of the Polar swim ethos:’look at me’

  8. timquinn says:

    Boxing gloves? Really?

  9. welcomeabored says:

    The resolution of the photo on my monitor is not very good.  Is that a python wrapped around his waist?  3…2…1

  10. t3kna2007 says:

    Polar Bear Swim is Canuckistani for “Burning Man”?

    You prepare for a North Pacific swim by dropping to 9% body fat?

    And why are all the colors in that picture from a restricted palette with red as the primary accent color?

    And finally .. call me crazy .. but I’ll just go out on a limb and say what everyone’s thinking but no one’s saying .. isn’t that a Pronghorn Antelope?

  11. Nash Rambler says:

    I’d try something witty like “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” but in this case, I feel like Mother Nature be pityin’ the fool. . .I mean, look at the guns on that antelope!  He’d make me crap my own teeth!

  12. Preston Sturges says:

    Now there’s something you don’t see every day. 

  13. Noah Brunn says:

    Here is my high-fi recording of the same event- an appropriate soundscape for the above photo.

    Cheers from Canuckland

  14. Brunneous says:

    Here are a few more photos from the event, if you’re want for more :-)

  15. cfuse says:

    Why are the hottest ones always the most unhinged?

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