If Star Wars creatures were taxidermied

Tauntr's "Star Wars Taxidermy" is inspired photoshoppery, but it'd be even better as a series of physical installations. I would hang these guys in my office in a SECOND.

Star Wars Taxidermy (via Neatorama)


    1. Next to a ferocious bear standing on its hind legs with its arms and claws open there’s a stuffed Ewok with arms similar, but there to greet you at the door to nuzzle and hold after a long day.

  1. Maybe Disney could do this for their “LucusLand” like the mile long bar in Disneyworld, in Frontierland. The animal heads would interact with guests. 
    (Is that even still around any more?–it was right outside the Country Bears Jamboree).

  2. Tauntaun taxidermy is already a thing in the Star Wars universe–you can see a mounted Tauntaun head in Jabba’s palace, hanging near the frozen Han Solo.  It’s pretty visible in the scene where he gets defrosted.

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